Trust Deed Investing: Differences, Benefits, and Strategies to avoid risk.

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October 29, 2018
Trust Deed Investing: Tactics to Avoid Risk
October 29, 2018

Trust Deed Investing: Differences, Benefits, and Strategies to avoid risk.

You may have never heard of trust deed investing, learn some of the basics, benefits and some simple strategies to avoid risk when it comes to this type of investment.

A deed of trust is a security agreement which is secured by real estate, I.e., it’s a mortgage.  The main difference between a trust deed and a regular mortgage are the parties involved and the specific regulations. With a mortgage for only two parties the borrower and the lender are involved.  With a standard mortgages, there is a lengthy judicial process when it comes to foreclosures.

   With trust deeds of trust, there are three parties involved, investor (beneficiary), trustee (trust deed broker) and trustor ( the individual borrower).  Little, if any, court involvement is needed to foreclose on deeds of trust.

So how can this arrangement benefit you as an investor?

Here are just a few of the benefits of Trust Deed Investing in Arizona:

With deeds of trust a borrower (trustor) goes to a broker (trustee),  the broker then funds the borrower’s loan with funds received from you, the investor (beneficiary). This arrangement benefits you in the following ways:

• Easy: Trust deeds allow you to appreciate the benefits of real-estate investment without the hassle of managing the property yourself.

• Variety: There are of course many types of real-estate and just as many types of trust deeds allowing you to invest in a diverse array of properties, from residential all the way to industrial.

• Flexibility: Every deed of trust deal is different. Unlike bank loans which are subject to rigid guidelines and bank bureaucracy, trust deeds are private arrangements made between an individual broker, borrower and you the investor.

• Predictable: Unlike other investments where returns are somewhat uncertain, with trust deeds the borrower is contractually obligated to make regular payments. As long as the loan remains outstanding you can expect to receive a return.

That is unless your borrower defaults.

With trust deed investing in Arizona the primary risk is that the borrower defaults, here are a few strategies that can help you risk less.

Yes, trust deeds give you the right to foreclose if your borrower defaults, without court involvement.  But what if the borrower files for bankruptcy? Well then the courts are involved, and you cannot foreclose as the borrower reorganizes their debts.  As the borrower’s bankruptcy proceedings make their way through the court, your deed of trust is essentially a worthless piece of paper.

Even after the borrower’s bankruptcy closes and foreclosure goes through, foreclosed properties never really sell for their full market value, which equals a loss for you.

To mitigate the risk of default consider the following:

• Be sure your borrower can pay back the loan: Don’t just rely on what your broker tells you. Carefully review the borrower’s financial history, to be sure that the borrower can pay back the loan.

• Don’t just go after the highest yield: Don’t invest in high-interest trust deeds just because they offer a higher return on paper. The higher the borrower’s interest payments, the higher the risk of default

• Start small and scale: Begin with small investments as they are less risky. As you do more of these deals and develop your own understanding of the process, you can then begin investing in larger loans.

By employing these strategies, you can avoid the risk of default and enjoy the benefits of trust deed investments.

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