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A Arizona Hard Money Loan is an option for real estate investors when traditional lenders don’t work for their situation. Instead of using your credit score and income to base approval for a loan—they use property as a hard asset and use that property as collateral.

A Arizona Hard Money Loan is simply an asset-based loan. As you know, the most significant factor affecting loan approvals is FICO scores. Lenders want borrowers that have shown a solid payment history because this shows their ability to repay the loan.

Hard money lenders use a different approach to lending—they base it almost solely on collateral. Because of this they place less concern on an applicants credit history. Why? Because if the borrower defaults they can foreclose on the property, sell it and generally still make a profit.


Arizona Hard Money Loans aren’t necessarily for everyone, but there are many situations where these loans are beneficial to the borrower. One scenario is starting out flipping houses—you probably wouldn’t have enough money to buy the property with cash. This is an example of a time a Arizona Hard Money Loan would make sense.

Typically, Arizona Hard Money Loans are very short-term loans ranging from six to twelve months—however, they are known to be extended out up to five years depending on the situation. These loans are generally have higher interest rates than conventional loans—hence, investors don’t want their loans for a long period of time.

A plus with a Arizona Hard Money Loan is how quickly the loan process takes. These loans can close in a matter of only a few days—and it is a rare occurrence that the process takes longer than two weeks. Arizona Hard Money Loans allow investors opportunity to purchase more properties with less upfront capital—which means a larger profit.

Arizona Hard Money Loans are very different than a traditional loan. They offer much greater leverage to the investor and they finance deals much quicker than traditional loans. Because hard money lenders are not as concerned with the borrower’s financial situation there isn’t the amount of paperwork and the long waiting period as there is with a bank. Because hard money lenders make their own rules and regulations, unlike banks, there is more flexibility with their loans. Although, they do have underwriting it is a much simpler process than conventional mortgage underwriting. Approval is based on the value of the property—and although they will look at your credit history and finances they are still able to finance a loan based on hard-assets.

You are able to get many different loans from a hard money lender.

Bridge loans, construction loans in Arizona in Arizona and Arizona FIX AND FLIP LOANs are only a select few of the many loan options hard money lenders can provide. Generally speaking, borrowers can obtain a Arizona Hard Money Loan for any property— airbnb, single-family residence and the list goes on. Find yourself a property and then find yourself a local hard money lender.