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Welcome We Offer Private Hard Money Owner Occupied Loans in Arizona

Our Arizona owner occupied hard money loans program makes it easy for you to get the new home you need despite not having credit, having bad credit, or even if you’re not from the United States.  Owner-occupied loans have easier requirements than investor loans and can even benefit from our cross collateral 100% LTV loan option.

  • Owner occupied hard money loans are also considered Principle Residence Loans, alternative financing, and private money loans.
  • We continuously stay up to date on all regulation required to offer owner occupied hard money loans.
  • Poor Credit, BK, Foreclosure, TIN/INN Numbers, Self Employed YES we can!
  • No Up-Front Fees and No Cost to Apply.
  • Quick and simple to apply for an Owner Occupied Private Hard Money Loan

Reasons Why Borrowers Use Owner Occupied Loans using Private Money

  • Bad credit
  • Hard to prove income
  • Dealing with a problem property
  • Cannot qualify for conventional or FHA/VA financing
  • Common Uses Of Owner Occupied Private Hard Money Loans Arizona
  • Buying a first or second home
  • Refinance an existing loan
  • Cash-out for repairs or remodeling
  • Cash-out for debt consolidation

Hard Money Owner Occupied Loan Program Options

100% FINANCING AVAILABLE if the borrower has another property that is free and clear or has a small mortgage in relation to value (substantial equity) to pledge as additional collateral.

We are a Private Hard Money Lender in Arizona, making real estate loans to both Investors & Owner Occupants in Arizona.


We have no pre-payment penalties on our loans.


  • Down payment: 20-35%
  • Can accept co-signers
  • Allow seller carry back for the Down Payment
  • Up to 70% or 80% of the appraised value
  • Up to 100% financing with a 2nd free and clear property.
  • Interest Rates from 9.5%(APR)* for Owner Occupied Private Hard Money in Arizona.

Requirements for Private Hard Money Owner Occupied Loans

Income verified – 3 months bank statements or tax return.

BK, Foreclosure, INN, Self Employed YES we can!

Apply for an Owner Occupied Hard Money Loan

If you are interested to see if you qualify for an owner-occupied hard money loan in Arizona, give Jamie a call today at 602-497-4444 or fill out our loan application to get started.

What is an Owner Occupied Private Hard Money Loan?

These types of loans are considered consumer loans.  This means that they are for the individual homeowner, not an investor or corporation.  These loans are for borrowers who will live in the home as their primary residence home.  These are loans where the borrow will use the funds for consumer purposes, such as paying down debt, buying a boat, debt consolidation or paying a tax lien.  The funds are going to be used to help the consumer.  When you are applying for a consumer Private Hard Money home loan there are a lot of requirements that the lender must do to make sure that the borrower fits the loan.  These are recent requirements, but the main requirement is that the Private Hard Money Lender Lending for an Owner Occupied Homes needs to make sure that the borrower can make the payments.  They call this verifying the ability to pay the loan.  Since this a Private Loan, these requirements are easier and more relaxed than the traditional lender.  Additionally, Arizona Private Hard Money for Owner Occupied Loans usually have a lower credit requirement.  Another requirement is that the loans must be ‘fully amortized over 30 years’ and cannot have a balloon payment. The advantages of a Private Hard Money Lender are that the loan is completed quickly, and the borrower can move fast.  Typically, the lender is a private individual that will look at the property and make a quick decision. Rates on the loan are higher than a traditional loan but usually range from 6-12%(APR)*. 

A few other reasons for a Private Hard Money Owner Occupied Consumer Loan:

  • Self-employed
  • Trouble documenting income
  • Inconsistent income history
  • Credit issues due to a recent loan modification, short sale or foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • The client already owns the home and needs to refinance, the purpose is a consumer in nature, and there’s no purchase component