Phoenix Fix and Flip Loans: How to use Crowdfunding to Invest and Make Money

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October 29, 2018
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October 29, 2018

Phoenix Fix and Flip Loans: How to use Crowdfunding to Invest and Make Money

4page_img5-bigYou don’t need to be an active house flipper to make money from flipping projects.  You can avoid all the hassle of these projects and still earn a profit by financing fix and flip loans through online crowdfunding platforms. Learn some of the basics about what you should look for in these deals and some basic strategies to find the best way to invest in these types of loans.

Crowdfunding remains the most accessible way for individual investors to earn money from house flips without actually carrying out the renovations themselves. Crowdfunding usually takes place on an online platform and relies on you (the individual investor), to finance the loans listed on the site. These loans are then given out to active house flippers.

However, there some fundamental things you should look into before investing in these loans.

Expectations before investing in Arizona Fix-n-Flip Loans

Before investing in any loan, consider the platform, or the website on which you aim to make your investment. Be wary of crowdfunding sites that claim to charge absolutely no fees. In almost every case this is too good to be true. In general, these websites will charge you a percentage of the income you earn either on an annual or a regular basis. Obviously, you want to make your investment on the crowdfunding website that charges the lowest possible fees.

Consider the type of flip you are investing in, is the project a residential or commercial flip?  Residential flips offer a smaller return over a shorter period, while commercial flips provide a potentially larger return over a longer period. So consider how quickly, and how much, of a return, you want from your investment.

Consider the borrowers details, ideally you want to someone with prior experience and a proven track record of successful projects.  Also, do your best to understand the conditions of the surrounding market to get a sense of the project’s potential. Developing an understanding of an individual borrower and their project might put your mind at ease.

Ideally,  you also want to invest in loans in which the borrower has signed a personal guarantee, as this will indicate they have some personal stake in their project.

After you find the right loan, there are two ways to actually invest.

When it comes to investing in Arizona fix-n-flip loans, you risk less as a debt partner, but you can make more money by acting as an equity partner

When it comes to investing in these types of loans, you can choose to act as a “debt” or “equity” partner.  Acting as a debt partner allows you get regular interest payments throughout the term of the loan. Most crowdfunded fix and flip loans, have terms of 36 months and charge interest rates of 8 to 14%. You earn these interest payments on a regular monthly basis, and once the term of the loan expires, you receive the remaining interest and principal.

Acting as an equity partner gives you a share of ownership in the property.  In this case, once the flipped property is sold you earn a specific percentage of the profits earned by the borrower. The potential returns from an equity partnership can be far greater; however, there is more risk in this case. It’s uncertain how much profit a flip will earn until the renovations are finished and the property is actually resold.

In short, crowdfunding presents the opportunity to earn money from house flipping without actually flipping homes yourself. Consider the platform, type of project and borrower you want to invest in and whether or not you want to act as a debt or equity partner.

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