What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Land Loan

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May 17, 2021
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What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Land Loan

iStock_000002189826_Large - CopyIf you are new to the real estate market, you may be playing catch up in all the jargon and lingo that goes on in the business—neglecting to watch HGTV may also keep you out of the loop in the types of creative passion projects people have and attempt to make a profit off of. So, what are Arizona Construction Loans? Are they the new fixer upper?

Someone choosing to obtain Arizona Construction loans are looking to build land on a property they own. Instead of purchasing a property to renovate or modernize, they choose to build from the ground up. In this way, builders have complete control over the type of home they build, and have a say in the location. Usually people who obtain Arizona Construction loans also obtain Arizona Land Loans to complete a total vision of the project.

Construction or Fix and Flip?

Designers and lover of aesthetic may be more interested in fixer uppers than construction projects. Fixer uppers already have an essence to them, and somebody working on a fixer upper has to work with what exists. It’s true that renovators can tear down walls and turn a small office into a half bath and vice versa—but there is a foundation that is not malleable. Designers may see potential in what is already there and tweak it.

Those interested in construction projects may have an idea for a complete vision. Perhaps there is a vacant lot near business, entertainment and school districts that would be the foundation for a charming family home. Or, perhaps they are an architect with the vision of a director, and they would like to design and curate the home based on a blank canvas, or, in this case, vacant lot. Both construction projects and renovation projects have their pros and cons, but someone seeking Arizona Construction loans may have to invest more time and money than those seeking fix and flip loans.

An Arizona Construction Loan covers many costs, and building a home involves a lot of people. Compared to fixer uppers, complete home builders require more labor and more brain power. This is because the project is being completed from scratch and as the home is built, many different people come into play to make sure it happens; this includes the architect, builders, project managers, inspectors, as well as those who provide the resources to actually build the house.

Sometimes it’s possible to find an affordable fixer upper that just needs a few changes, the commitment isn’t as deep, and the cost and stakes aren’t as high. Building a home is a much higher commitment and investment.

Where to Get a Construction Loan in Arizona

If you are seeking out an Arizona Construction Loan, consider the mortgage brokers at Level 4 Funding. We are a team of qualified professionals who offer a variety of loans and free initial consultation. We charge no upfront costs. Give us a call today to see how we can help make your passion project go from dream to reality.

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