Arizona Hard Money Lenders: The Best way to Finance 1031 exchanges

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May 17, 2021
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May 18, 2021

Arizona Hard Money Lenders: The Best way to Finance 1031 exchanges

Did you know you could pay nothing in taxes on the profits from your next real estate deal, and that you won’t go to jail? Such a thing is possible thanks to a provision known as 1031. Learn what 1031 is, the rules you need to follow and why Arizona Hard Money Lenders are your best bet when it comes to fueling the costs of 1031 exchanges.

What is a 1031 exchange? In IRS parlance it’s also known as a like exchange. You roll the profits from one deal into another and use them to buy your next investment property. With 1031 exchanges you can defer paying capital gains taxes- indefinitely.

But of course there are some rules you need to follow with 1031 exchanges:

1. Your next investment property must be of equal or greater value: So you can’t earn 1 million in profits on one deal, spend 50 K on the next and then jet off to the Bahamas tax-free.

2. You need to hold onto the property for over a year:- Your property needs to be held for an “investment purpose.” No one knows how to define what it means to hold a property for an “investment purpose,” but the basic requirement is you need to hold onto the property for 13 months or longer.

3. You need to close on your next investment property within 135 days: So if you need financing to settle a 1031 exchange, you’ll need to get your loan approved within that deadline.

Considering that deadline, going to a conventional bank to finance a 1031 exchange could put you at risk of incurring a massive tax bill.

Why you need to avoid the bank and use Arizona Hard Money Lenders to finance 1031 exchanges

135 days might seem like a long enough time to close a deal, but in the world of bank bureaucracy, 135 days is nothing. Even if you have perfect credit, it’s going to take at least 30 days for the bank to approve your loan and that’s in the best case scenario.

On average it takes 90 days for a commercial loan to get final approval from a conventional bank. That’s 90 days after you’ve spent a few weeks finding your next investment property and gathering up the reams of paperwork that the bank requires. Weeks into this process, the bank could reject your application for some inexplicable reason. Which means you’ll have to start the application process over at another bank.

You don’t have that much time to waste with 1031 exchanges. Say you earned a million dollars on your last deal, then going to a conventional bank could cost you 200 K or more in taxes. However, if you go the hard money route instead, you take all such risk out of the equation.

Hard money deals usually only require an appraisal, meaning they can close within a week. After you get hard money, you secure your next investment property, apply for conventional bank financing, and refinance once the bank approves your loan.

With hard money, if something goes wrong with your application at the bank, you’ll still have your investment property under contract. Meaning you won’t have to risk incurring a substantial tax penalty to complete 1031 exchange.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders can give you peace of mind when it comes to 1031 exchanges.

Don’t risk paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes due to the nightmare of bank bureaucracy. If you need financing to close a 1031 exchange go the hard money instead.

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