Danger the Fed’s Raising Interest Rates While Arizona Hard Money Lenders Stay Consistent

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May 4, 2021
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May 5, 2021

Danger the Fed’s Raising Interest Rates While Arizona Hard Money Lenders Stay Consistent

With the coming and going, the going and coming of interest—find stability. Find the loan and the rate you can trust. Find the personability conventional lending lacks by consulting Arizona hard money lenders.

The federal reserve intends to increase interest rates. There have been eight interest rate hikes since 2015 not to mention a quarterly raise in interest over the past two years. Furthermore, the aftermath of recent hikes has been suggested as the cause of the Dow Jones plummeting. These trends, including further projected increases for interest rates, have become a concern for many who use loans as a means of building a business, owning a home, or investing in a future.

Yes. Higher interest rates do offer pleasant outcomes for an obscure and federal entity looking for its cut of interest. However, descending from the pantheon of bureaucratic decision making, domain of “poets, priests, and politicians,” ground-level Americans are bearing the brunt of the fed’s blow. An increase in rates means a decrease in those willing to acquire a mortgage, a car, an investment capable of generating revenue. A decline in the previous areas, furthermore, culminates into a decrease in the total amount of goods purchased. A pox on business, a decrease in economic activity.

While conventional lending is subject to the federal lending policies, interest rates, and shifts in economic ideologies that may occur, hard money lenders are on the opposing end of the spectrum. The end of the spectrum that is independent, subject to minimal restriction, and consistent in its lending policies and rates, which are graciously offered to the public.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders Consistently Provide Rates that Clients Need.

Up. Down. Forward. Backward. China lends this or that rate to America. Such and such political advent dictates the numerical or statistical result of x, y, and z. China raises its lending rates again. Wow—Step back. Look at hard money. Look to the micro not the macrocosm, so convoluted in world events. Find the rate that you need with Arizona hard money lenders. Start your business one step at a time, with the individual attention that you need. Get the financial backing to build or buy.

Talk to your Arizona hard money broker to find hard money lenders that are right for you

Find the lending niche that is right for you. The lending source that is not tied up in the mandates of the Fed but rather is pooled by private investors or groups of investors for the purpose of financing promising ventures and real estate investments. For more information on Arizona hard money lenders, rates, and terms contact Level 4 Funding.

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