90% Arizona Hard Money Loans: Difficult In Some Ways, Very Good For Business In Others

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May 4, 2021
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May 4, 2021

90% Arizona Hard Money Loans: Difficult In Some Ways, Very Good For Business In Others

If you would like to have partially-financed hard money set up for your latest project, there are loans out there set up specifically set up for investors who can work within the strictures required for this. Research the details of financing up to 90% hard money to find out if you can go this route.

LTV (loan-to-value) Arizona Hard Money Loans are on the very high end of the Arizona Fix and Flip Loans category. Depending on where you are, companies’ rules and regulations vary, but the general overall picture can look something like this. As an investor beginning an application for a 90% Arizona Hard Money Loan, you need to have a FICO score of 600 or above. You must also be relatively certain of selling the desired property within 12 months. From there you may:

· Apply for loans starting at $75,000 (Some companies begin their loans at $25K) and up to $2M, which if cleared, will definitely improve the condition of your real estate portfolio.

· Have a property appraisal that is scaled back and not overly involved since the lender is more interested in the value resulting after renovations are made.

· Receive up to 90 percent of rehab and purchasing costs.

· Get 12 months financing and the time period can even be longer—this is just the average time length. And to really make the package attractive, no prepayment penalty.

This process can be completed within a short period of application time normally. Following approval, closing can be done in less than a month.

What things do you need to include with your application for a 90% Arizona Hard Money Loan?

Documentation is required for these types of loans and bears a resemblance to more traditional lenders’ requirements than some other unconventional loans do. You must produce your sales agreement, tax returns for the past two years, two months’ banks statements showing your savings and checking accounts, a list of your current residential and commercial properties and a copy of your construction budget. There are other paperwork demands, but this shows the overall average requirements for most companies who do these types of financing.

These loans are mainly for the fix-and-flip investment areas–they do not cover owner -occupied properties. They do however cover a large number of other real estate investments, both residential and commercial.

A partial Arizona Hard Money Loan may be exactly the type financing you need. Do your homework and see if this area of borrowing is what you need to pursue.

To be certain, the requirements are more stringent than some other financing, but if you have credit problems and have gone the traditional route with no results, investigating one of these loans might be just the thing you need to do. Check things out with people you know and whose opinion you value, set up a few appointments with lenders who handle 90% LTV Arizona Hard Money Loans and find out how you can help your ideas become solid realities.

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