Can You Really Get Funded with Hard Money Loans in Arizona in Days?

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April 17, 2021
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April 17, 2021

Can You Really Get Funded with Hard Money Loans in Arizona in Days?

Whether you need funding before the year is up or are simply eager move on a deal before it vanishes, Hard Money Loans in Arizona can help. Unlike traditional mortgages which can take more than a month to get cash in hand, you can measure your HML timeline in days.

According to a recent report from Ellie Mae, closing on traditional mortgages is becoming an increasingly sluggish process, with the average refi now taking 43 days and purchase taking 46. This is the longest close time seen in more than a year, meaning those who need to move quickly are out of luck if going through traditional channels.

The same report notes that FICO scores stand in the way for many people trying to get financing. In all, 71% of those funded have scores that top 700, but the stats are a bit grimmer for those going the conventional route. Just 13% of financing was awarded to those with a 650-699 FICO score and less than 4.5% went to all groups sitting at 649 or below. Overall, the average score of those approved currently sits at 727, yet it’s important to note that the average person doesn’t have a score this high. Even though FICO scores are at an all-time high across America, CNBC says they’ve peaked at 704.

Time and credit scores are major barriers for those hoping to move on the purchase of a home quickly, but these numbers largely reflect the landscape for traditional homebuyers. Those working in real estate investing or who want to grab a great deal on a distressed property and restore it face additional challenges. When lenders are being picky about the traditional markets and raise the bar for criteria like FICO scores, those trying to get funded for mortgages under less-traditional circumstances are edged out even more. This is where Hard Money Loans in Arizona can help.

You Can Get Funded Quickly—Even with Rotten Credit

Regardless of whether you’re an average person who wants to purchase a distressed property with the hopes of turning it into a dream home or you’re a real estate investor, you may have trouble even getting the banks to talk to you at all. However, hard money loans work differently. Your FICO score is not a major deciding factor, but the value of the property you’re looking at is. In other words, simply choosing a home that’s a good deal, be it because you’ve negotiated a lower price or the seller is motivated to unload his junk home fast, will be enough to get your foot in the door.

If you can find a good deal, you can have cash in hand in a matter of days.

Conventional financing comes with a lot of red tape because it’s subject to different laws and guidelines than Hard Money Loans in Arizona are, so conventional options take longer to process… and that’s if you’re funded at all. If you’re organized and prepared, it’s not unheard of for alternative funding to come through in a matter of days, making it a great choice for those who need to move quickly or are even struggling due to an “average” or less-than-average FICO score.

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