Experts Say Market is Stable: Invest with Arizona Hard Money Loans

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March 19, 2021
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Experts Say Market is Stable: Invest with Arizona Hard Money Loans

Changes in the housing market this year have made some wary of an impending crash, but experts say the data concludes it’s stable. You can still use Arizona Hard Money Loans to invest in properties and earn some serious cash.

Some worries about the housing market have arisen because 2018 was filled with skyrocketing values and a housing shortage, but the numbers shifted at the end of the year a bit. However, experts say this is not a cause for concern—the market is stable and expected to continue to remain strong. According to a recent AZ Central news report, “96 out of 100 top national economists don’t expect a housing crash this year.” This is based on data pulled which does show changes in the market but indicates ongoing stability for the foreseeable future.

“The supply of homes for sale increased, and sales slowed during the last three months of 2018,” explained senior housing analyst Tina Tamboer in a meeting of more than 100 real estate agents just a few weeks ago. “But, nothing in the current data shows a market crash coming for Phoenix,” she said.

Her findings concur with what many already know: it’s a seller’s market. Prices aren’t necessarily climbing at the rates they were, but that’s actually a positive thing because the market can’t sustain continuous rapid climbs at that rate. The good news is, you can make money with Arizona Hard Money Loans regardless of whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. If you haven’t worked in a seller’s market before, however, you’ll need to adapt your strategy to suit.

Learn How to Make Money with Flips in a “Seller’s Market”

People flocked to fix-and-flips when it was a buyer’s market; when homes could be picked up at a fraction of their value. This doesn’t happen quite as much in a seller’s market, so you have to be mindful how you apply your Arizona Hard Money Loans, simply because you can’t rely on value increases to line your pockets. You must find a good deal to start with and put in some sweat equity or choose the right repairs and upgrades to increase value. In addition to this, it may be beneficial to apply a unique strategy, such as working on multi-family dwellings or subdividing land in popular areas.

Be more successful with the right plan and funding.

Once you understand how the market shift changes how money is made, the next step is to identify the right source of financing for your project. Arizona Hard Money Loans work well in this climate because the initial sellers of the home likely have options. Having cash in hand works wonders to sway someone who’s eager to move or simply wants to be assured the sale won’t fall through because the buyer couldn’t get financing. It also lets the flipper move fast when a home is priced under value, so it can be grabbed before other flippers get to it.

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