Successful Marriages Are Made with Arizona Rehab Loans

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September 20, 2020
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Successful Marriages Are Made with Arizona Rehab Loans

Arizona Rehab Loans allow you to purchase a home that is in need of repair and pay not only for the home itself but for everything you’ll need to fix it up. This is a great option for those who have their dream house in mind and need help restoring it.

Betty and Jack were high school sweethearts, and they both went to the same college. While they decided to go away together for school, they always liked to imagine they would come back to their hometown one day and buy a home. Betty always wanted to buy a house near the lake. In fact, she even had the one she wanted picked out. Unfortunately, when they were ready to move back home, they found out Betty’s dream house had fallen into disrepair to the point where it was unlivable.

Arizona Rehab Loans Are There When You Need Them

Betty was crushed when she thought they wouldn’t be able to buy the house she’d always loved so much. She and Jack didn’t have the money they would have needed to fix up the house after buying it, and they wanted to get married and move in somewhere right away. They’d almost given up hope… that is, until Betty found out about

Arizona Rehab Loans.

Betty found out that a rehab loan gives you the money you need to buy a home and fix it up, which was exactly what she and Jack needed. They talked it over and decided it was the best choice for their needs. When they had all the paperwork necessary to get their loan approved, they were not only able to get the house but were also able to renovate it in time to move in just one day after their wedding.

Now, they’re living in the house of their dreams in their hometown. Betty still tells people they never would have been able to make it happen without their rehab loan, which made it easy to renovate everything in the home they loved to their needs and standards.

Arizona Rehab Loans for Your Dream Home Offer a Win-Win Solution

If you want to buy your dream home but know you won’t be able to fix it up on your own, you can get a rehab loan. Lenders at our office will be happy to discuss the process with you, as well as give you any information you need on getting your own rehab loan.

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