Considering Arizona Hard Money Loans

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Considering Arizona Hard Money Loans

In situations where you need to act fast, borrowing from a private investor may be a great option that speeds the lending process along as well as amplifies your ability to obtain property. Read more to find out if hard money from private lenders offer benefits that public lenders can’t.

Arizona Hard Money Loans are not offered by traditional lenders like banks, but by private companies and investors. Arizona Hard Money Lenders have higher interest rates and a shorter payback period. Because of this, they are often times used in competitive bidding for property or in the event of preventing a foreclosure.

While receiving a Arizona hard money loan often results in a speedy process, there are a few drawbacks to consider. First, it is important to consider that the payback period is short, usually only 12 months. Sometimes, though, it can be extended between two and five years. Furthermore, it is also important to note that these kinds of loans have a higher interest rate. Interest ranges from 10 and 15 percent, which is more than what a traditional lender such as a bank would charge.

However, unlike a bank, Arizona Hard Money Lenders impose less strict limitations. For example, banks will be highly concerned with your credit score and income history. Unlike a bank, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are concerned with the collateral and value of your property. Even if you have an imperfect credit score, Arizona Hard Money Lenders will be likely to work with you because they assess the value of the property with an LTV (a loan to value ratio). Some ratios can lead to investments as high as 75 percent of the property’s worth. What may be referred to as the “risk” they take with this is reflected in their interest rates and fees. While the expense may be a drawback, sometimes they are the only option for people who can’t receive funding elsewhere.

Meeting with Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Arizona Hard Money Lenders can be found locally. Sometimes they can be referred to you by a mortgage broker, but lists of Arizona Hard Money Lenders are always available on the internet. When committing, it’s important to always evaluate the legitimacy of your lender. If you have any concerns or questions, a real estate attorney may be helpful in identifying any major stipulations regarding loan fees, interests or rates. Under legitimate circumstances, relationships with Arizona Hard Money Lenders are transparent, flexible and individualized.

Deciding if Hard Money is Right for You

Arizona Hard Money Loans are not for everyone, but they can definitely lend a helping hand to people in financial need, specifically those who need to act fast to obtain a property or prevent a foreclosure. Not all financial situations will lend themselves to speedy benefit of hard money, and oftentimes it is those who aren’t able to obtain financial funding from banks that benefit from it. The short-repayment period and high rates cater to a specific market, but depending on your situation, they could be the right option for you.

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