Business Loans: Does God Want Your Company to Survive?

Why the Expense of Arizona Hard Money Lenders Can Be Worth It
November 16, 2018
Considering Arizona Hard Money Loans
November 21, 2018

Business Loans: Does God Want Your Company to Survive?

Brandon Abney Arizona Home Loan FHA SpecialistsSurviving as a start-up is difficult. Considering Arizona Business Loans could keep you in the game.

The short-term survival rate for a business is 50%. Confirming this, the US Bureau of Labor states, “About half of all new establishments survive 5 years or more.” This means: start a business and flip a coin—you’ll find heads or tails to be your odds of survival.

While this statistic is daunting, how do you break the chain? Many experts claim that a healthy cash flow is one of the main indicators of a business’s survival. Regarding this, a recent article from Forbes states that “cash is king, and cash-flow management is the deciding factor whether or not your business succeeds or fails.” While this is good to know, how do you obtain cash flow when you have been down on luck, your market has made an unpredictable shift, or you have not yet qualified for a loan?

Struggles in obtaining lending may be due to:

  1. Low credit score

  2. Limited credit experience

  3. Bankruptcy

  4. Foreclosure

Don’t let the challenges of your past impede your future potential. You’ve put skin in the game to be in business. You want to survive and thrive. Level 4 Funding’s Arizona Business Loans may be able to help you obtain the necessary cash flow to outlast the first five 5 years.

Other Reasons for Seeking Business Loans

Perhaps your business is up and running the way you want it. However, you may need more cash to improve upon what you’ve created.

Other reasons for obtaining Arizona Business Loans may include:
  1. Expansion real estate, inventory, space

  2. Debt consolidation

Expansion may be crucial to getting an edge up your competition. Many times, for businesses that have been established for many years, acquiring property without diminishing cash flow is a dilemma. To add to this, traditional loans may be hard to acquire for some. Hard money Arizona Business Loans may be the answer to buying more property for office space, inventory management, or additional manufacturing. These investments increase the potential output and profit your company is capable of achieving.

Why Not Consolidate Many Loans into One?

Debt consolidation may be another concern. Multiple credit card payments, property loans, and interest rates may be a burden. E Plurbus Unum—Hard money Arizona Business Loans may allow you to consolidate many debts into one payment and one interest rate. 

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