The Guide to Arizona Investment Property Loans

The Definitive Guide to Fund your Investment Property with Arizona Hard Money Loans
October 14, 2018
How to Get Arizona Business Loans with Rotten Credit
October 14, 2018

The Guide to Arizona Investment Property Loans

iStock_000002302749XSmallMany real estate entrepreneurs turn to Arizona Hard Money Lenders for Arizona investment property loans. There are several options available when looking to obtain a loan for your investment.

All of a sudden, the market takes a 20 percent corrective move.  One of the hedges is the real estate market. Afterall, owning an investment property offers a number of perks. Becoming a landlord is a very good way to realize a passive income stream.  Keep in mind that there are a number of lenders they will require that you have skin in the game or cash to invest. Taking a loan out when you do not have a positive cash flow is one way to close the deal.

Arizona investment property loans can take several forms, including the criteria that the borrower needs to meet.  If you do not do your research and choose the wrong type of loan, it can impact your ROI or Return on Investment. You will need to do your research on the various types of lenders in your market.

You’ve probably all heard or worked with conventional bankers. Expect to put close to thirty percent down of the purchase price when your loan is on an investment property. Lenders will look at debt-to-income calculations.  Keep in mind that future rental income is not figured into this calculation. Be prepared to have six months of cash set-aside to meet the mortgage obligation as this may be a lender requirement.

One popular investment these days is the fix-and-flip model. Flipping a property is most attractive because it allows the investor to receive their profit in a lump sum after the sale of the investment property as opposed to waiting for a rent check each month.

Fix-and-flip loans are short term loans which allow the investor/landlord to make the needed renovations.  Once the renovations have been completed, the investment property is put back on the market as soon as possible.   Fix and flip Arizona investment property loans are secured by the property.  You may want to also look at a real estate crowdfunding site as an option.

The advantage of using a hard money lender as opposed to a conventional lender is that it is easier to qualify.  The hard money lender looks at the after-repair value (ARV) as to if you are able to repay the loan. The advantage of a hard money lender versus a conventional lender is the speed of getting the loan, days as opposed to weeks or months as is customary with a conventional lender.

Interest Rates

Expect to pay higher interest rates when compared to conventional lenders.  You will also need to pay points of the Arizona investment property loan amount upfront to close the loan.  Some lenders allow you to take the cost of the points out of the proceeds of the loans.

More home owners are looking to Arizona Hard Money Lenders for home equity loans.

If you are a home owner and have equity, then you can access the equity through various loan programs.  There are some loan programs that access the equity like a credit card and allow interest-only payments.  A cash-out refinance is another option and a long-term loan is the final option. Both rental properties and fix-and-flip ventures are risky.  The opportunity for big returns, however, is attractive. If the obstacle you face is funding the necessary money, consider a hard money lender for your next investment property.

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