How to Get Arizona Business Loans with Rotten Credit

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October 14, 2018
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October 14, 2018

How to Get Arizona Business Loans with Rotten Credit

4page_img7-bigGetting Arizona Business Loans when your company is growing can be difficult to begin with, but those without excellent credit scores face additional challenges. Thankfully, lack of cash on hand doesn’t have to halt your plans, provided you know where to look.

Credit Cards: Although few would consider credit cards to be the ideal choice, they can work if you’re trying to bridge a gap and have confidence your revenue will continue to grow. Without being able to demonstrate your business is solid, lenders will typically expect you to get cards in your name instead of the business name. Poor personal credit may give them reason to pause, but oftentimes there are options with higher interest rates or annual fees that can be tapped into. Use these sparingly and pay off the balances ASAP, so they improve your credit and you can apply for more favorable terms in the future.

Factoring: Technically, invoice factoring isn’t a form of lending, but it can help you bring in cash faster if your inflows are sluggish and you’re missing payments by a small margin. It works well if you send out invoices to clients for work completed or goods delivered, but your clients sometimes take too long to pay. When you work with a factoring company, they purchase the invoices from you and pay right away. Then, your clients pay them. Factoring companies aren’t overly concerned with your credit, but they will only buy select invoices from you when the person who owes you has good credit.

Collateralized Business Loans: One of the more popular ways to go is to obtain collateralized Arizona business loans. In these cases, you’ll offer an asset or assets as collateral, giving the lender confidence that they have recourse even if you don’t make good on your payments. These are easier to obtain as well because the lenders aren’t worried about your credit score quite as much; they’re looking at the value of the asset more. Some lenders will accept land, inventory, or equipment as collateral, though most prefer to use the business owner’s home. Terms vary, but you can sometimes get up to 90% of the value of your asset, which makes this a good choice if you require a large lump sum for startup costs, equipment, real estate, or to cover a surge in growth.

How Can I Tell Which Options I’ll Qualify For?

Applying for financing repeatedly can damage your credit too, so it’s not wise to apply for everything all at once. That’s because lenders will typically assume you may well get all the credit you’ve applied for, and if you do, the chances are slim you’ll pay them. Instead, you have to make an educated guess as to which options will fit your needs and then inquire what each lender is looking for. Do a little research before you apply to ensure credit checks aren’t being done when you aren’t likely to be approved.

If You Own a Home, Collateralized Arizona Business Loans Can Supercharge Your Company

Various forms of lending exist because people and businesses have unique needs. If your credit isn’t good, but you own your home, a collateralized option can put a substantial amount of cash in your hands now, so you can grow your business and thrive.

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