Why Choose Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans

Guide to Successfully Selecting a Hard Money Lender
August 10, 2018
How to Select a Hard Money Lender
August 13, 2018

Why Choose Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans

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There are a lot of reasons why a consumer is unable to qualify for a residential mortgage. But owner occupied hard money loans offer them a great option.

There can be a great many reasons for a traditional lender such as a bank or credit union to deny a loan application. And after that happens many potential homeowners simply give up on their dream of homeownership. But what they don’t understand is that there is a non-traditional option available that might be a perfect fit for their lending needs. Owner occupied hard money loans are great for consumers who have certain financial issues which are precluding them from using a traditional loan.

Poor credit can be the result of many different issues. Sometimes it is simply due to poor financial choices but on other occasions, it is not due to a consumer’s mistakes. The loss of a major income is sometimes unforeseeable and can result in falling behind in household expenses. An accident or sudden illness can also be to blame as the consumer is buried under huge medical bills and is unable to make the required payments. Other times financial issues arise after a death in the family or divorce, but in all of these cases, the consumer’s credit becomes so bad that it is not possible to obtain a home loan even after years of work to correct credit issue. But hard money is an option for someone who is recovering from credit issues.

Another common issue for would be home buyers is erratic or short employment history. Banks want to see a long employment history and at least two years with the current employer. But not everyone works in an industry where that is possible. And who wouldn’t leave a job for better pay and benefits, just to maintain a longer work history to get a mortgage? That seems counterintuitive because the higher paying job would make it easier to pay a mortgage. But this can happen and a bank will deny a loan application. The solution for these borrowers is to seek owner occupied hard money loans.

The Self-Employment Drawback

Owning your own business is part of the American Dream. You work hard and achieve your goals as you create a business and even provide more jobs for hardworking people in your area. But banks are not fond of loan applications from the self-employed. Instead of just scrutinizing your personal financials now the bank wants to examine your business financials as well. And if you are not making a ton of money they are going to consider you a poor risk and deny your loan request. Again, the solution is simple, hard money.

Hard Money Offers Great Opportunities for Many

There are a lot of hardworking people out there who are reliable and can afford to pay a mortgage. But if they don’t fit into the bank’s idea of a perfect borrower, they are not going to get funding on a traditional loan. But owner occupied hard money loans are the perfect solution for those who are outside the box but still responsible and successful.

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