Guide to Successfully Selecting a Hard Money Lender

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August 9, 2018
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August 12, 2018

Guide to Successfully Selecting a Hard Money Lender

level 4 funding teamNot everyone can qualify for a traditional home loan. But in some cases, hard money loans can be a solution for a new home purchase.

Not everyone can meet the standards of a traditional bank mortgage. The reason for the application denial can range from past credit issues to not enough time at your current employer. But if you are determined to purchase a new home and are willing to make a good-sized down payment, then hard money loans can make your dream come true.

Before jumping into hard money, you need to understand that these are loans funded by a private individual or a small group. And also know that the documents that you will sign for a hard money loan are as legally binding as any loan documents from a bank. The main difference in hard money loans and traditional loans is that the hard money lender is interested in the current market value of the property more than the borrower’s creditworthiness. The property is being used as collateral, so the lenders need to know that if the borrower default then he or she can sell the property to recover the initial investment.

Because the collateral is the lender’s safety net, he or she must be certain that the property always holds some equity. This is where your sizeable down payment comes into play. The lender will only loan up to about 70% of the cost of the property and you must pay for the other 30%. This creates that instant equity and makes the lender feel more secure about loaning you the money.

Good Will Is Not Free

The other important piece of information about hard money is that it is more costly to use than money from a traditional loan. The increased risk factor means that the lender is going to want to increase his or her earnings on the loan. In most cases, a borrower can expect to pay 10% to 15% roughly interest on hard money loans. In addition, there can be points and other fees for processing and funding the loan. But the benefit of the higher cost is that those with bad credit can get a loan.

Smart Uses Of Hard Money

Loans on hard money are for a shorter term than traditional loans and most people can’t pay off a mortgage in three to five years. But these non-traditional loans serve as a short-term solution while borrowers improve credit or establish a stronger employment history. Once that is accomplished, most borrowers refinance to a traditional loan after the term of the hard money is over. Non-traditional loans are also good for borrowers who are self-employed and need a few years to get their business established and profitable so as to qualify for a traditional loan. Short term hard money loans are not the perfect solution or even a solution for every borrower. But there are some specific cases where using hard money is the best solution for meeting your long-term goals.


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