What is a hard money loan?

It is a loan secured by a hard asset, something you can touch.


Why do they Call it "Hard Money", "Private Money" or "Equity Mortgages"?

Mortgage approval is weighted mostly on the value and borrower's "Equity" or the "Hard Asset" used as collateral with a lesser concern given to the borrower's credit rating.

These Mortgages are also referred as to "Private Money Mortgages", as the source of the funds do not come from conventional bank Mortgages but instead come from private sources such as investor's personal funds, pension plans and other non-traditional sources.

These funding source have more flexibility in their lending practices as they do not have to fulfill the more stringent FDIC and governmental mandated lending requirements of the traditional bank.

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    What are the steps to a hard money Mortgage?

    • Give us a call to discuss your property
    • We will evaluate the property
    • Able to give you an quick answer within 30 minutes
    • You come in and sign documents
    • Project is funded, get a certified check
    • Foreclosures? Bankruptcy? Short Sales? Low Credit Sore? NO PROBLEM

    We're able to fund from the initial phone call within 24 hours.



    • No minimum credit score required
    • No seasoning requirements
    • Fast approval
    • Quick 24 Hour Funding
    • Mortgage Value up to 90% LTV*
    • Mortgage position first position only, some seconds
    • Interest only payments*
    • Appraisal not necessary
    • Interest rate 7.99-18%*
    • 3 - 60 Month*
    • Mortgage amounts from $50,000 to $4,000,000*
    • No Pre-payment Penalties*
    • Insurance - Homes must be insured with the beneficiary to Level 4 Funding
    • Title insurance required, but not necessary if home is purchased through a trustee



    • Non - Owner occupied - Purchase & Refinance
    • Non - Owner occupied Investments
    • Residential and commercial
    • Fix and Flips - foreclosure purchases
    • Short sale financing, REO, Bank owned
    • Bridge Mortgages