Construction Loans

Are you a builder? Constructions loans for up
24 months with monthly draw programs
From 9.5% APR*

How it works:

Loans for up to 24 Months.
Draw Programs.
Easy to qualify, We will need a copy of your

  • Budget.
  • Plans.
  • Permits.

Funding for Commercial and Residential
Up to $50,000,000 Available.

Contact us – yes we can do the funding!

Benefits of Construction Loan:

  • Loan to value up to 90%
  • We can finance the land purchase
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Quick payout of a submitted draw

Rate and Terms

UP to 90% LTV

24 Months Interest only

Rates from 9.5%*

Just Funded by Level 4 Funding

Equal Housing Opportunity.

*APR varies from 9.5 – 14.5%. Your loan rate and how you can borrower is primarily determined by the quality and value of the collateral, your ability to pay, total loan to value and credit score.

This is not a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and should not be considered as such. Costs, rates and terms can only be determined after completion of a full application. Mortgage rates could change daily. Actual payments will vary based on your individual situation and current rates. To get more accurate and personalized results, please call (623) 582-4444 to talk to one of our licensed mortgage experts. Terms and conditions of this and all loan programs are subject to change without notice. Level 4 Funding LLC is licensed in the State of Arizona, NMLS 1018071 AZMB 0923961. For More Information Click Here