4 Simple Steps to Getting and Arizona Hard Money Loan

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June 2, 2021
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4 Simple Steps to Getting and Arizona Hard Money Loan

Getting funded through a hard money lender is much less stressful than the process of a conventional loan. Many people aren’t familiar with the process of getting a Arizona hard money loan.

First of all, if you are looking to obtain a Arizona Hard Money Loan but aren’t familiar with the process, take a deep breath. This is most straightforward and painless loan process in existence. This article will cover all the steps you need to take to get funded through a hard money lender.

1. Find lenders— You can use a hard money lender from any part of the country. You can find many lenders online and everything is done online. But, if at all possible, you want a local lender. You can find local lenders through word-of-mouth, networking at local real estate investor functions or simply preform a Google search. Make sure you find a few and then meet with them individually.

2. Have a conversation— Once you have narrowed it down to a handful of lenders, look into what terms they offer. You can usually find this information on their web site, however you will always get more information from speaking to them. The first part of the conversation will be concerning the borrower’s loan request. The lender will ask a series of questions to determine if they can fund the request. After the lender gathers the information necessary they typically can give a contingent approval and a preliminary quote. This quote is composed of the interest rate, points and any fees (such as processing or underwriting) they will charge. The next part of the conversation will be the borrower asking important questions. Some questions a borrower ought to ask a potential lender are: How long do you take to fund? Do you impose prepayment penalties? How long have you been in hard money lending? Are you a direct lender or a broker?

3. Apply— After you have chosen your lender your next step is to apply for the loan. The Arizona Hard Money Loan is very straightforward. You will have to provide documents such as: tax returns, bank statements and proof of your assets. Once the borrower is approved, the lender begins preparing loan disclosures. Some of the documents the borrower will receive are the Fair Lending Notice and the lender’s privacy policy. After the required disclosures have been received, signed and returned, the lender will prepare the loan documents. These documents typically include: Deed of Trust, Note and escrow instructions.

4. Down Payment and Escrow— After all documents have been received the borrower will send their down payment (if one is required) to escrow. As soon as escrow has verified, they have everything needed from the borrower the lender will fund the loan.


There are numerous reasons to obtain a hard money loan:

1. You credit score is not high enough and your income doesn’t meet traditional lender’s requirements.

2. You don’t have enough capital to cover the renovation of the property.

3. You have a property investment but don’t have time to wait on a bank loan process.

4. You want to purchase a Arizona Fix and Flip property.

5. You don’t have enough cash to purchase a property.

How do you determine if a Arizona Hard Money Loan is right for you?

If you don’t have the time to wait for a bank loan or your credit has declined, a Arizona Hard Money Loan can fund you and get that property in your hands quickly.

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