Terms of Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans in Arizona

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May 3, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Terms of Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans in Arizona

Not every real estate investor uses traditional lenders or even traditional loans to purchase rental properties. There are many ways to creatively finance Arizona Rental Property Loans.

Many investors do follow the traditional path of saving for a down payment and then securing a traditional loan from a bank or a mortgage company, but there are several other ways to creatively fund Arizona Rental Property Loans. Exploring all of your options for financing your first rental property or one later in your career is always a smart move. In some instances, you might need to be creative to land a great deal, even when you are not in a position to seek traditional funding.

Seller financing is always a great option if you can get it. In many cases, you will make a down payment to the seller, and then continue to make payments just as you would to a bank or other lender. In some cases, the lender will only carry a small part of the purchase price, and you will use traditional financing for the remaining balance of the loan. One of the big benefits of owner financing is that you can work with the individual to create loan terms that work well for both of you and are beneficial and fair to both of you.

Investment partners are another common way to fund Arizona Rental Property Loans. Many real estate investors who are new to the business just don’t have the money to cover the 20% down payment required for an investment property. This is because mortgage insurance is not offered on an investment property mortgage. So the solution is to seek a silent partner who contributes the cash for the down payment and then earns a little bit on his money. Sometimes you will even get lucky and find a partner who will contribute money and work to the project.

Fund Your Own Rental Property Purchase

Many real estate investors have a retirement account that is just sitting there waiting to be used. The account is earning interest, but it could also be used to help you start your real estate investing career. Some 401K retirement accounts will allow you to take out a loan from your account to start a business or for other financial needs. If your retirement account offers this feature, then you can fund your own down payment and possibly even the entire purchase. And the best part is that you are paying the interest on the loan to yourself.

Research Your Options

There are many creative ways that you can finance Arizona Rental Property Loans. The only really important factor is that the loan and the terms work for your immediate needs and future needs. Taking a very high-interest rate is sometimes worth the added cost to secure a property that will make you a great deal of rental income for many years to come. Explore your options, and only make your decision based on the cost of the loan and the benefits that it offers you.

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