Why You Risk Less with Spec Home Financing in Arizona Today

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Why You Risk Less with Spec Home Financing in Arizona Today

In the past few years, Spec Home Financing in Arizona and building has been a somewhat risky proposition. However, changes in the market mean your move-in ready property won’t last long.

It’s been tough to get Spec Home Financing in Arizona in recent years, purely because there’s been no telling how long a move-in ready property would sit before a buyer might take interest. That’s a risk many lenders and builders haven’t been willing to take. After all, once money’s been invested and a home sits vacant, it costs money to maintain it. That eats into the ROI and means that investors and builders can’t move onto other projects, leaving some with no choice but to sell at a discount just to unload the property. The state of affairs has all but stopped construction, so few new homes have been hitting the market at all for the past year.

“Whatever progress has been made in new home sales since the economic recovery began,” explained Zillow Senior Economist Aaron Terrazas in a CNBC report, “recent data makes it clear that builders have been struggling to ramp up new single-family home construction for years.” At the same time, there’s been a surge in demand on the low end of the housing market, which has annihilated supplies as well.

“The housing shortage has been the one glaring villain holding back a more robust housing recovery,” said CNBC real estate reporter Diana Olick. She and the experts cited concur that more new homes are needed, but finding lots for infill in certain cities can be difficult, and this is precisely where more affordable homes are needed.

Build Affordable Homes to Be Successful in Today’s Market

Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington, a senior economist at the National Association of Home Builders, says the trick is to be aware of what today’s homebuyers need and cater to it during the build. “Builders need to manage rising construction costs to keep their homes competitively priced for the newcomers to the housing market,” she explained. Lind Goodman, sales manager for BSI Builder Services recently echoed these sentiments in an article for the Washington Post. “Right now, we’re seeing most of the builders in our area building houses as fast as the lots are developed,” she said. “Resale inventory is so low, and builders can’t build houses as fast as they are selling, particularly at the lower-end prices.” This in mind, those leveraging Spec Home Financing in Arizona and those providing it stand to make great profits for the foreseeable future.

The market’s hot, so find an experienced broker who will help you get the best terms.

If you’ve got experience, finding Spec Home Financing in Arizona should be a breeze, thanks to the surge in demand. However, working on the lower end of the spectrum in keeping with buyers needs and expectations will naturally leave you with smaller profit margins. If you want top ROI, be sure to work with a broker who can find you the best terms possible for your endeavor.

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