Why Do Texas Hard Money Lenders Prefer to Work with LLCs?

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April 26, 2021
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Why Do Texas Hard Money Lenders Prefer to Work with LLCs?

Some Texas Hard Money Lenders will only work with LLCs or Limited Liability Companies as opposed to consumer borrowers. The good news is this doesn’t have to be a barrier to your success; establishing an LLC is easy.

Consumer loans are subject to different regulatory guidelines than commercial loans are, so it’s quite common for Texas Hard Money Lenders to focus on just one area. By homing in on the commercial sector, it’s easier to work deals without getting caught up in governmental red tape and success rates are improved. In fact, there’s actually a huge difference in the outcome between consumer and commercial loans. Data gathered by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis concludes that 3.01% of consumer mortgages default, while 2.49% of personal credit card accounts do as well. When it comes to the commercial side, defaults drop down to just 1%, so it makes fiscal sense for investors to apply their funds to an area that’s more likely to give them the return they expect.

Whether you’re doing home rehabs, working commercial projects, opening an Airbnb, or launching another type of business, operating under an LLC demonstrates that you’re a professional and makes it clear you’ll be using whatever funds you receive for business purposes.

There are also benefits to you for getting established as an LLC. The most obvious is that it limits your personal liability if something goes wrong with the business. You’ll also get to choose whether you’re taxed as a “C” corporation or an “S” corporation. As an “S,” earnings are taxed only once, whereas with a “C,” earnings are taxed before being divvied up amongst owners and upon receipt, so the right structure can minimize your tax burden as well.

Starting an LLC is Easy, But Get Advice from a Pro If You Haven’t Done It Before

You’ll need to file your LLC’s articles of organization. The paperwork is straightforward, though you’ll need to have your name and a registered agent (person who will receive all communication) selected. Fees vary by state for filing, but most range from $50 to a less than $150 for the initial filing and then have a small annual fee to maintain it. You will also likely have to publish a notice in the newspaper and obtain any necessary permits or licenses to operate. From there, it’s typically just a matter of opening up a business bank account, so you can keep your personal and business funds separate. Once you have these steps taken care of, and have your business plan ready, you should be able to approach Texas Hard Money Lenders with confidence. If you get stuck along the way, touch base with an attorney who specializes in business law or talk to an accountant about which designations are right for you.

If you can use a computer, you can start an LLC.

Most states provide the paperwork for starting an LLC online, so getting yours going is really only a matter of ticking off a few boxes once you’ve chosen a name and keeping up with the annual renewal. If you’re serious about starting a business or taking on a new project with the help of Texas Hard Money Lenders, getting an LLC set up is a simple and smart first step.

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