Do Private Money Lenders Work Like Traditional Loan Lenders?

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April 13, 2021
Are Arizona hard money loans the way to go when it comes to funding your dream business deal? Despite the little ads that appear saying “Stay away from this—you need to try . . .”, you owe it to yourself to check this funding out.
April 14, 2021

Do Private Money Lenders Work Like Traditional Loan Lenders?

Considering a private money lender is a common evaluation for anyone deciding on the best loan choice for them. It certainly was for Brianna and David when they didn’t qualify for a traditional public loan and learned the major differences between private and public lenders.

Brianna and David wanted to invest in a fixer upper. When they approached their local public lender, their nearby credit union, they found that they did not qualify for a major public loan. To do so, they needed a strong credit score and a solid debt to income ratio. Unfortunately, to seek out their dream of flipping a house, they would need to seek untraditional options.

Brianna and David were certainly a little wary of Colorado Hard Money Lenders—they were unsure what to expect, and the promise of an easy approval process made them suspicious. As they began to learn of their options, they became aware that private money lenders could offer a few things: money and speed.

Finding Success with a Hard Money Lender

Brianna and David didn’t rely on speed when it came to obtaining their loan. They weren’t working to prevent a foreclosure and their property wasn’t particularly competitive. Still, the prospect of speed was attractive. They found that their hard money lender could begin the loan process as soon as a day—something banks couldn’t get close to matching. Public lenders typically need a month to begin the loan process. As Brianna and David discussed prospects with their private money lender, they learned of their lender’s flexibility. For one, their lender could approve their loan request based on the potential of their property—and since the loan would be going toward a project that would be reaping benefits and a high probability of making a profit, they were able to qualify. Second, their lender was also open to expanding the terms of their loan agreement. Hard money loans work best with people seeking out funding for short-term projects, but they can sometimes be expanded with the right lender. Brianna and David were happy to learn their lender believed in their circumstances to support an extension.

Effects of Eligibility

Brianna and David were thrilled to come to an agreement with their private money lender. However, as they looked over the terms to the agreement, the major differences between a private and public lender were much more apparent. For example, private lenders have high fees and interest rates incorporated into the loan. This is something that banks do not do, and private lenders do this to weed out potential clients, and help ensure the reliability of their borrower, if it isn’t immediately reflected in their credit score or debt to income ratio. The high costs combined with the comparatively steep interest rates often weed out a lot of potential borrowers because, while the easy approval process may deem private lenders “affordable,” the hidden costs reveal they are not. Brianna and David weren’t thrilled about the fees, but found that, with some work, they could afford them provided their property didn’t come with any unfortunate surprises. Fortunately for Brianna and David, their hard money lender was a great option for their first fixer upper. Though it was costlier than they expected, they were able to complete their project successfully.

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