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April 19, 2021
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April 19, 2021


The definition of a private money lender is a non-institutional individual or company that loans money. This money is secured by a note and deed of property for the funding of a real estate transaction.

Private money lenders care more about the deal than they do about your credit. Unlike traditional banks, their money is secured by a hard asset (real estate). They are protected by the deed of trust—the mortgage—on your property. Private money lenders also like to see a good track record. A lender is more willing to work with a borrower that understands the game.

What does that mean for a newbie with no track record? That’s where hard money lenders come into play. A hard money lender is one type of private money lender in Arizona and is more willing to loan to a brand new investor. It benefits the new investor working with the hard money lender by doing deals and gaining experience. A hard money lender can help a new investor start their portfolio.


There are 3 types of private money lenders:

* Primary Circle— This circle is made up of friends and family, the people that are closest to you. When an investor starts out in real estate he will most likely go to his friends and family because he feels safe there; and, more than likely, if they have the money, they will invest. Unfortunately, there is a huge downside to investing within your primary circle. They may not have experience in real estate and won’t know the difference between a good and bad deal. Also, if you lose money in the deal it may easily strain a personal relationship. Make sure you are clear about the risks when proposing money lending to your primary circle—just as in any investment this is a risk.

* Secondary Circle— This circle is your professional associates and colleagues of your primary circle. You know when you are on Facebook and you see “People You May Know”? That is your secondary circle. The negative part of working within your secondary circle is there is a lesser chance they will say yes. For this circle you will need a presentation ready. They will want details on this investment—they don’t know you well enough to just trust you the way your primary circle does.

* Third Party Circle: These are people found through advertising, through networking and also, accredited investors—such as hard money lenders. This is the circle that a borrower has no personal ties. This circle will have the largest pool of possible lenders.

Types of properties that private money loans fund

Private money loans can fund a variety of properties in both residential and commercial properties, such as:

* Apartments

* Condos

* Single-family homes

* Commercial real estate

* multi-unit properties (duplexes)

How quickly you need funding, what your hard assets equate, and your network will determine which circle of private money investors will work best for you.

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