Top 4 Pitfalls of Owner Occupied Texas Hard Money Loans

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March 31, 2021
April 1, 2021

Top 4 Pitfalls of Owner Occupied Texas Hard Money Loans

True owner occupied Hard Money Loans in Texas are relatively unheard of in the industry. If you’re looking for one of your own, it’s important to become familiar with some of the drawbacks before you commit.

1. You, personally, must live on the property. Many people seek out owner occupied Hard Money Loans in Texas in the hopes of getting a better deal on financing, simply because most “owner occupied” lending options do have better terms. The logic behind this is simple: people will fight tooth and nail to keep their home. There’s less risk for a lender, so the lender will usually offer more favorable terms. The problem is, the borrower is the one who has to live in the home; not a family member and not a renter. Furthermore, it has to be the borrower’s primary residence.

2. Your income must be scrutinized. The Truth in Lending Act changed things in this respect. Because the government now sees the property as your primary residence, it sticks its hands into it too. The aim is to protect you to ensure you don’t wind up borrowing what you can’t repay, so the requirement then becomes that a third party has to look into you and your income.

3. Property taxes and hazard insurance have to be impounded if it qualifies as a “high-cost loan.” That means your lender has to collect extra payments from you for at least the first year you borrow. Furthermore, it’s up to you to be mindful and cancel it when it’s no longer required. Your lender isn’t allowed to do it for you.

4. You’ll get funded slower. Whereas a traditional private loan can close in a matter of days, you’ll need to add weeks or a month or more to this timeline if you’re borrowing as a primary residence. This, too, comes down to the added government regulations.

You Can Avoid Excess Regulations with Commercial Lending

While the above impacts you, directly, there are further regulations which cause headaches for the lenders too, which is why most will not provide owner occupied Hard Money Loans in Texas Instead, commercial or non-owner options are offered. With these, you are not expected the home. The requirements to qualify are different too. Instead of you being scrutinized, it’s mostly the property that’s of concern. Naturally, that’s a slam-dunk when it comes to things like fix-and-flips or fix-and-holds, but it can be extended to other circumstances. For example, if you’re adding a home office to your own property, technically the funds are for a business use. The key is that the funds cannot be used for you, your family, or your household.

Seek advice from an experienced broker to find the solution that’s right for you.

Chances are, you will not find owner occupied Hard Money Loans in Texas because of the red tape involved, but you probably wouldn’t want to anyway because it causes headaches for you too. A broker can walk you through funding options that are ideal for your particular situation, so you can get funded quickly and move on with your project.

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