How to Get 100 LTV Commercial Real Estate Financing

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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

How to Get 100 LTV Commercial Real Estate Financing

Is there such a thing as 100 LTV commercial real estate financing? Not exactly, but there are workarounds to get there. Here’s how.

For the uninitiated, loan-to-value (LTV) means the amount of the loan compared to the value of the property you’re buying. Let’s say the property you want to buy is valued at $100,000 and you get a loan for $87,000. That’s a LTV ratio of 87 percent. Some accredited private lenders will do a loan-to-value ratio of up to 90 percent in certain commercial cases, but 100 percent LTV really isn’t done in the industry.

That’ doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but you may have to get a little creative. Here are a few ways to get 100 LTV commercial real estate financing:

  1. Partner with someone who has cash. This could be a family member or another investor who’s willing to get into the game with you. He or she can help with the renovation budget or a down payment in exchange for back end money.
  2. Use a bridge loan for a part of the down payment. Using commercial real estate seller financing is one option as many hard money commercial lenders will do this. However, most will still require you to come up with around 10 percent out of pocket.
  3. Find more than one partner. Some commercial real estate developers use shareholders of members of an LLC to raise the money they need.
  4. Use capital stacking. That means using a combination of any of these methods. That could mean using equity partners, debt financing, and seller financing in conjunction to get to your 100 percent.

What About 100% for Rehab Costs?

While you may not be able to get 100 LTV for purchasing a commercial property, you may be able to get 100 percent of your rehab costs by going the hard money route. Hard money comes from private investors, so there’s more wiggle room when it comes to qualification and loan terms. For instance, by having a good plan, a good budget, and solid collateral, you may be able to get up to 90 percent LTV on the purchase, 85 percent on as-is value, and 100 percent of rehab costs.

Getting Commercial Financing in Arizona

Whether it’s your first commercial project or your 10th, if you can dream it, you can find a way to get the financing for it. You may have to get creative to get 100 LTV commercial real estate financing, but don’t give up. If you need help figuring everything out, give us a call today. We offer an ultra-fast approval process, funding in days, no prepayment penalties, and the best rates in the business.

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