Top 4 Real Income Opportunities Arizona Hard Money Lenders Help With

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April 5, 2021
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April 7, 2021

Top 4 Real Income Opportunities Arizona Hard Money Lenders Help With

Have you heard that Arizona Hard Money Lenders can help you work from home or empower you to create your dream job? They can and they do, especially if you’re interested in working in one of these top four fields.

1. Fix-and-flips. You’ve probably seen the reality TV shows about flippers and home rehabbers. What you don’t see on screen is how the funding works. Most of the time, people get the funds to purchase the property and/or cover the cost of fixing up the home from Arizona Hard Money Lenders. In this fast-paced field, you’ll purchase a home (hopefully for far less than it’s worth), repair it, and sell it, all within a matter of months. A typical project may conclude in as little as three, while more expansive ones can take six or more.

2. Buy-and-holds. With buy-and-holds, the investor purchases with the intent to keep the space and rent it out over a period of time; usually five years or more. Oftentimes, the investor picks a property that needs some help before it’s ready to be rented out. With a bit of sweat equity into it, value increases dramatically—a boon when it’s time to sell or refinance.

3. Airbnb and other vacation rentals. Although the boom caused by Airbnb may have initially been caused by people renting out extra space in their primary residence or subletting their vacation homes, the field has changed dramatically. Nowadays, people purchase homes and condos with the intent to use it as an Airbnb rental or similar. Many have entire portfolios of short-term rentals and vacation homes.

4. Commercial real estate. Got a business idea, but no cash to purchase the property? Banks can sometimes help with this, but they don’t issue a whole lot of approvals, particularly if you don’t have a strong business track record, have rotten credit, or are working in a sector like the cannabis industry. The good news is, if you’ve got a solid business plan and choose the right property, alternative lending may be the ideal solution.

There are Many Benefits to Using Alternative Lending

Curious to know why Arizona Hard Money Lenders are associated with these particular niches? As mentioned earlier, banks don’t fund all business opportunities. In fact, they provide full funding only a small fraction of the time. People also turn to alternative lending when they need to get funded very quickly or if the property they’re considering purchasing is in ill repair. Sometimes, alternative lending is ideal to get something off the ground as well. In these cases, the business owner refinances later when he or she has a proven track record and has demonstrated the concept produces a steady income stream.

If you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Many people don’t realize how many financing options are out there. They have big dreams, but then approach a bank, discover they won’t qualify, and continue the daily grind. However, if you have a dream for a better life, either as a full transition or hope to start up a side business, Texas Hard Money Lenders can get you the cash you need to get started.

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