Arizona Rental Property Loans: What You Need to Know

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April 14, 2021
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Arizona Rental Property Loans: What You Need to Know

The passive income from a rental property is a great way to grow your cash flow. Arizona Rental Property Loans from Arizona Hard Money Lenders allow you to buy a property to use as a rental.

Rental properties have long been a go-to investment for those who want to boost their earnings portfolio. Investors use Arizona Hard Money Lenders for their Arizona Rental Property Loan because it’s a quick way to get the cash needed to make a purchase. But what happens once you have the property?

Here are some tips for successfully managing a rental property.

Set the Right Rental Price

There are many factors that go into pricing a rental property. Is it close to schools? Is there a noisy train track near by? What are other rentals going for in the neighborhood? The best way to determine a rental price is to consult a real estate professional who can crunch the numbers. Setting the price too high will keep you from getting a tenant and setting the price too low leaves you missing out on potential income.

Don’t Break the Law

There are important fair housing laws that simply can’t be ignored by landlords. Tenants are protected in various ways and the worst thing you can do is violate a tenant’s rights and find yourself in legal trouble. You can find this information online or again, consult a real estate professional.

Advertise Your Rental

The next step is to find yourself a tenant so you can start paying back that rental property loan. There are plenty of sites to advertise your rental like Zillow and Trulia. You’ll need to be prepared to run credit and background checks to vet your potential renters and also have access to a lease contract.

All of these things are extremely important and due to the precarious nature of the fair housing laws, it may be beneficial to consider using a property manager to ensure you are covered legally.

If you’re interested in stepping into the realm of rental properties, consider getting a rental property loan from a Arizona Hard Money Lender like us, Level 4 Funding. We would love to help you get started on your investment journey!

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