Where Banks Fall Short, Arizona Hard Money Lenders Close the Gaps

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March 22, 2021
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Where Banks Fall Short, Arizona Hard Money Lenders Close the Gaps

Arizona Hard Money Lenders offer more financing options to the public.

For most individuals, conventional lenders such as banks and credit unions are the primary means of acquiring property. Going through the real estate and mortgage process, finding the right sale price, agreeing upon a comfortable interest rate are all steps in the process. Acquiring a traditional residential property through the banks takes a 2-year work history, a decent to high credit, and a willingness to complete a long list of stipulations. Rigorous credit checks and paperwork required of potential borrowers. Months of negotiation between real estate agents, financing sources, appraisers, and loan originators. In the end, the reward for the wait is enticing: some of the lowest interest rates are available through home loans offered by banks. Acquiring a home loan in the low single digits is possible if the credit score, down payment, and market are right. On top of that conventional lending offers individuals long-haul financing, fifteen to thirty years are common loan durations.

While conventional home loans are great for those looking to live in the real estate they finance, they do not meet all the lending needs of the market. One of the main reasons for this is that conventional lending institutions often shun commercial borrowers. While conventional lenders are willing to lend on a property that is in great condition and that will be lived in, they tend to frown upon lending money on undeveloped or distressed property, property that individuals are unable to live in.

This is a tough pill to swallow for commercial borrowers who are looking to purchase property at wholesale value in order to renovate and generate a return. For example, a flipper may want financing to acquire a home, replace a plumbing system, and add coat of paint. By using financing, the flipper is able to make minimal renovations and maximize a property’s retail value by ameliorating its distressed status. However, banks will not lend on distressed property and another financing source is needed. Aside from the flippers, those who build spec homes to satiate general market appeal or those who renovate homes to rent fall in the same difficult category of acquiring conventional funding.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders Help Real Estate Investors Acquire and Develop Property

Where the bank fails to fund, another lending source has filled the void: Arizona Hard Money Lenders. By requiring different and simpler stipulations than the bank, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are able to furnish loans on distressed and barren property allowing commercial investors to acquire returns from business ventures.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders advocate those initially rejected by conventional lenders.

Hard money is quick and painless to receive. Arizona Hard Money Lenders allow borrowers to receive the money despite subprime credit, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Talk to your hard money broker today at Level 4 Funding to see if receiving money from Arizona Hard Money Lenders is right for you or your business venture. Find the interest rate, term, and lien amount to set your profit-generating business idea into motion.


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