What Makes a Good Investment Property?

How To Qualify For Arizona Hard money Loans
March 25, 2021
March 25, 2021

What Makes a Good Investment Property?

Choosing an investment property is the first step to obtaining funds from a Colorado hard money lender. Here are some criteria you should be looking for to make a good selection.

Fixing and flipping is a great way to get cash as an investor. But how do you know which properties to choose? Many novice investors will make mistake when they choose their first properties and lose money on the project. Here are some things you’ll want to look for before applying to a Colorado hard money lender for your property!

Worst Property in the Best Neighborhood

As an investor you’ll want to know about the area you in which you want to make a purchase. It’s not a good idea to flip the best property in a neighborhood because the comparable properties in the area will bring your sale price down. You’ll want to choose a property that has good potential, but will be brought up in quality to match those around it to get competitive offers once it’s listed.

Don’t Go for the Money Pits

To go along with what we said above, you also don’t want to pick a property that’s going to be a money pit. You want it to be able to bring it up to the quality of its surrounding homes, but if that’s going to take far more money than you have, it’s going to dig you into a hole that can be hard to crawl out of. It can be easy to get sucked into a property that has ‘good bones’ and has the potential to be great, but if it’s not fitting into your budget then move along to the next one!

Unique Can Mean Harder to Sell

Another appeal to some investors is a unique property, meaning it’s different from the homes around it. Unique can be beneficial to a certain extent, but it can also deter buyers. Unique homes can cater to a certain audience and make it harder to sell. You’ll want a home that feels livable and appeals to the masses.

Once you’ve selected your investment property it’s time to put together your pitch for your Colorado hard money lender. That will include information like your rehab plans and finances for the remodel.

When you pitch your plan to a Colorado hard money lender you’ll be more likely to be approved if you’ve considered things like the area (schools, shopping, etc.) and the comparable homes in the neighborhood. The more prepared you are to present the information, the more sound your investment looks to your lender.

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