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March 8, 2021
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The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and other regulations have pretty much assured consumers that traditional lenders are not willing to provide speculative Arizona Construction Loans.

However, unlike traditional lenders, Arizona Hard money lenders are eager to finance these deals. Even though banks were encumbered with regulations due to lending practices, Arizona Hard money lenders do not have these same rules. Spec home financing is a high demand market that is left with not a lot of funding choices. Luckily, there are Arizona Hard money lenders that will gladly assist.

Spec loans provide financing for projects projected to have a high return. These loans can be used for many types of investors. These loans can finance single-family homes, residential units, manufactured homes and commercial properties.


First off, make sure you get to know your lenders and what practices make them comfortable. Remember, these lenders can finance projects that would be impossible to close with a traditional lender. Builders who work well with Arizona Hard Money Lenders open up a revenue stream unlike any other.

Make sure you understand the lender’s rates and fees for the spec home financing. These are short-term, higher interest rate loans. Often, these loan terms are between six and twelve months. However, these loans have been known to have terms up to 5 years. Do your homework and be fluent in your knowledge of hard money lending. The down payment requirements can be anywhere from no money down to 50 percent down—each lender is unique, just as each builder. But, keep in mind that if no money down is required, you will have to have some sweat in the game.

Find out if your lender is content with the geographic location of your project. Arizona Hard Money Lenders generally only want to work on projects that are in their location. Because of this, it is good to find a local lender. Inquire if your lender is comfortable including the lot cost in the loan, as well. Many lenders will fund both the construction costs and lot costs.

There are required items you will need when meeting with your lender: a business plan, copies of most recent tax returns, copies of bank statements and a marketing plan for your spec home. The marketing plan is important because you must prove to the lender you have a plan to sell this house that hasn’t even been built yet.

For builders, Arizona Hard Money Lenders can be not only a great link to revenue, but a life-saver.

To find a hard money lender that you can grow with is priceless. Working with a hard money lender is like building a relationship. They truly are a builder’s business partner. As you work on more projects with your lender you will most likely see your loan terms become even more favorable. Once the lender has built trust with an investor the process becomes even easier.

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