How Your Credit Score Impacts Arizona Hard Money Loans

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How Your Credit Score Impacts Arizona Hard Money Loans

It is important that borrowers understand how a low credit score can impact Arizona Hard Money Loans. But it is also important to know that it does not eliminate the potential for a loan.

The Internet is full of stories about borrowers who managed to get Arizona Hard Money Loans without having good credit. And the fact is that there are lenders who will make loans to borrowers with a credit score in the low 500’s. But it is also important that borrowers understand that even though the loan approval is not based solely on your creditworthiness, your credit score will have some impact on what you pay to use the lender’s money.

Arizona Hard Money Loans are also called asset-based loans because the loan is approved and funded based on the value of the property being purchased. This property becomes the collateral and is the lender’s security in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan. But the lender is more interested in having the borrower repay the money and the interest than having to go to the trouble of foreclosing on a property and selling it to recover his or her funds.

The best way for a hard money lender to be certain that the borrower will repay a loan is to look at the borrower’s credit score and credit history. A high credit score means that this borrower is very likely to repay the loan with no issues which decrease the lenders level of risk. But a person with poor credit is less likely to repay the loan which means the lender is facing a greater risk. Many hard money lenders are willing to accept that higher risk that comes with a low credit score but in return, the lender is going to charge a higher interest rate.

Low Credit Will Cost You

A credit score below 600 will still get you a hard money loan, but you can expect to pay as much as 20% interest on the money being borrowed. In addition, the lender might not be willing to loan you as much money as he or she would a person with a higher credit score. And you might even pay additional fees for the increased risk the lender is assuming. As a private lender, the fee structure and interest rate are up to the lender and are not regulated in the same manner as a traditional lender.

Arizona Hard Money Loans Are An Option

As a borrower with bad credit, there are not as many traditional loan options available to you. And even with a score in the low 500’s, hard money is still available but at a higher cost. The most important facet for any borrower is to evaluate the total cost of all loan options that are available and select the one which offers the best overall cost and terms. Using hard money could be costly but if it is the only option, it will allow you to begin to rebuild your credit and your assets.

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