Start a Successful and Legal Cannabis Business with Commercial Hard Money Loans

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February 9, 2021
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February 9, 2021

Start a Successful and Legal Cannabis Business with Commercial Hard Money Loans

Does conventional lending have you down? Bypass the red tape and get commercial hard money loans to start your cannabis business today.

Cannabis, the final frontier. The commercial voyage to explore a new world of potential revenue, to seek out profitability amid the unknown and new customers, to boldly go where no other business has gone before.

That’s right. The legal sale of legal cannabis in the United states is on the rise. North American spending on cannabis has passed the nine-billion-dollar mark. Estimates predict that soon, less than a decade, the legal sale of marijuana in the Americas will be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Yep, imagine Mike Myer’s Doctor Evil mouthing “one hundred billion dollars!” into his pinkie finger. It’s going there, and fast.

Due to these revelations predicting the rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry, many have taken aim, setting their sights upon a market ripe for potential returns. But like any business, it takes cash to set things in motion, many times it even takes lenders who are willing to finance the acquisition of real estate, infrastructure, agriculture, and storage. So, who loans this kind of money out? Well, to start, not conventional lenders. Obtaining a loan on a legal marijuana business from a conventional lender is not an easy process due to constant changes in federal and state laws, recent birth of the industry, and unpredictability inherent in the business. Alright, if conventional lenders are out of the picture and if individual savings are not sufficient on their own, what other options are there? Answer: Arizona commercial hard money loans. Where conventional lenders are fickle with stipulations, governed by scores of federal regulations, and characterized as the archetypal red-tape administration, commercial hard money lenders are predictable, upfront, client-oriented, and easy to deal with. Since commercial hard money looks at equity in real estate and loan-to-value positioning, borrowers’ personal lives are not subject to the microscope of scrutiny.

Benefit from the Growing Legal Cannabis Industry by Applying for Commercial Hard Money Loans

So, what types of cannabis financing are available? Commercial hard money loans are available to those seeking to acquire real estate to store, process, and retail cannabis. Also, commercial hard money loans are available for those who are looking to cultivate marijuana agriculturally. Since conventional lenders tend to frown upon lending money out for land-acquisition, finding land to grow on is a challenge that can be resolved by hard money.

Get the commercial hard money loans that your cannabis business needs through Level 4 Funding.

If the medicinal cannabis business seems to be a good fit, go for it. With a proper business plan in mind and after having researched favorable real estate scenarios in a given area, talk to a hard money broker to find a hard money loan that is right for you. Establish a foothold and press forward with Level 4 Funding, here to help meet your business’ finance needs just as it has helped so many others.

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