Get Ready For The Real Estate Crash Of A Lifetime

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December 11, 2020
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Get Ready For The Real Estate Crash Of A Lifetime

Holy Cow Here We Go Again

Hold On To Your Wallet

Get Ready For The Next Crash

Has anyone ever told you that Real Estate is on a 7 year cycle? That every 7 years values change direction and we are heading into a crash or a boom.

I’ve graphed real estate prices for the southwest over the past 15 years. (see attached graph) and to my surprise it has been 7 years from the bottom.   For Phoenix, the bottom was officially 3/1/12.  So it’s been roughly a little over 7 year. Since the peak in 2006 is been around 12.84 years.  Read More

I’m getting out while the getting is good.  Read More

All real estate holdings are being sold. Why? Read More

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