An Arizona Bridge Loan Can Be A Win-Win Solution

December 22, 2020
Does your latest project need a Arizona commercial hard money loan?
December 23, 2020

An Arizona Bridge Loan Can Be A Win-Win Solution

(An Arizona Bridge Loan can solve a very unique problem for many homeowners. It could be your solution when selling a home and buying a new one.)

It can certainly be very difficult to coordinate the sale of your current home to close one or near the same date that you are purchasing your new home. And it can be equally as challenging to sell your home and then move into a rental while you search for your next home. And even worse for many homeowners is the thought of carrying two mortgages while they hope that their old house sells. The simple solution is to secure an Arizona Bridge Loan that will get you through this challenging time.

An Arizona Bridge Loan is a short-term loan that does just what the name says, it helps to bridge the time period between two home sales or other financial transactions. In some cases, the first transaction is buying the home and the second will be quickly selling it after a fast renovation. These fix and flip projects are great for short-term loans rather than a tedious traditional mortgage. And the 12-month term on a bridge is also a near perfect fit for a fix and flip or for a traditional buyer who is waiting for his or her first home to sell.

In addition to flippers, traditional buyers like to use these short-term loans when they are downsizing. In most cases, the homeowner has substantial equity in the current home and can use that to secure the Arizona bridge loan to purchase a smaller home. That allows for time to move into the smaller home and make the needed repairs and tidying up projects to the old house before listing it on the market. And of course, it is much nicer to only need to focus on finding your next perfect home rather than also trying to worry about getting your current home ready to sell.

Securing A Short Term Loan

Getting any type of loan can take some time, so you need to begin the process as soon as you start looking for a new home. It is always nice to know that the process is moving forward in case you find your dream home very quickly. Some mortgage companies offer these short-term loans to bridge a gap for customers but not all do. You will need to inquire with your lender to know if you can finance with your current mortgage holder or if you need to find a short-term lender.

The Bridge Process

Once you have found your dream home and secured the short-term loan, you are ready to move and then get your current home ready to sell. During this time, you will actually own two homes and have two loans out against them. But in most cases, homeowners only make a few payments on the bridge before they sell their old house. The proceeds of that home sale are used to pay off the short-term loan and any interest owed, and the rest of the money is yours to apply to your new house or to invest or save if the new house is going to be paid in full. This short-term loan is a great resource to assist you in a complex process of selling and buying a new home.

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