Try These 4 Options for Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

December 5, 2020
Securing Your First Loans To Flip Houses in Arizona
December 5, 2020

Try These 4 Options for Arizona Fix and Flip Loans

Arizona Fix and Flip Loans are short-term loans that are used for purchasing and refurbishing a property before selling it for a profit. They come in a variety of forms and with a range of options; here are a few to get you started.

  1. Cash out refinancing. A cash-out refinancing involves refinancing an existing property and using the cashed-out equity to pay for renovations. If there are any liens on the current property, they’ll need to be paid off before you can have access to the equity. Cash out refinancing loans are typically limited to 75 percent of the property’s LTV (loan to value ratio). This is a good option for people with a property that’s got a significant amount of equity.
  2. Bridge loans. Bridge loans are exactly what they sound like — they’re designed to get you from one real estate transaction to the next. Let’s say you’ve got a property for sale and you plan to use the proceeds to buy your next flip. If an amazing deal comes along and you don’t have the cash flow, you might miss out on the opportunity. Instead, you could use a bridge loan to purchase the property, then pay it off once you’ve sold the first property.
  3. Permanent bank loans. Most flippers wouldn’t think of doing a permanent bank loan for a fix and flip because the terms are generally too long. However, buy and hold investors who plan to fix the property over five years or more may benefit from this type of financing.
  4. Hard Money Loans in Arizona. Hard money loans come from private investors and individuals, so they boast lower approval qualifications than any of the above options. They are also lightning fast — you can get the money in around 15 days — and they have much shorter terms, making them perfect for rehabbers who plan to refurbish and sell within a year.

Is a Hard Money Loan in Arizona Right for Your Fix and Flip?

As we detailed above, Hard Money Loans in Arizona’s are a fantastic option as Arizona Fix and Flip Loans because they offer ultra-fast approval, short loan terms, and less rigorous requirements than the bank. They also come with higher interest rates. This makes them ideal for flippers with at least a few projects under their belts or novice flippers who are working with an experienced contractor.

Where to Get a Fix and Flip Loan

Whether you’re ready to dive into your first flip or you’re off on your next real estate investment adventure, we offer Arizona Fix and Flip Loans that will work for you. Give us a call today!

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