Who Are Hard Money Lenders?

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November 7, 2020
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Who Are Hard Money Lenders?

(Most of the world is not familiar with the concept of hard money lending or who Arizona Hard Money Lenders are. But a basic understanding can help to clarify the process, the benefits and the lenders.)

Arizona Hard Money Loans are also known by many different names such as bridge loans, short-term loans, and asset-based loans. And all of these names describe the same loan. These short-term loans are also considered to be non-traditional loans simply because they are provided by a private lender and not a bank or mortgage company which is also called a traditional lender. The key point or factor in this loan is that it is funded by a private lender. These lenders are called Arizona Hard Money Lenders.

The term can refer to a single private lender or a group of private individuals who work together to provide private loans. But these loans are never funded by a lending institution. One of the greatest benefits to borrowers is the simplified process of working with the private lender as opposed to the complicated process of applying and qualifying for a traditional loan. The lender will evaluate the request for a loan based almost solely on the value of the collateral being offered to secure the loan. This makes the process much faster and less stressful for both the borrower and the lender.

In addition to being easier and faster to work with a private lender, it is not uncommon for Arizona Hard Money Lenders to be very willing to work with borrowers to create customized loan terms. These terms can include a specific length of term for the loan, a custom payment schedule or even a lower interest rate when a large down payment is made on the property. This creates greater instant equity in the property and provides added security to the lender making a lower interest rate a possibility.

Finding A Hard Money Lender

If you are new to the process of hard money lending, then it can be best to select a local lender. This will allow for face to face meetings and ample ability to discuss and understand the process and your responsibilities as the borrower. An Internet search for private lenders or Arizona Hard Money Lenders in my area will provide a starting point. Then, a few quick phone calls can help to narrow your search.

What To Ask Potential Lenders

As you narrow your search for a private lender, it can be helpful to pose the same questions to all potential lenders. Asking about a full list of fees for all loans and well as a range for interest rates is always important. Knowing the cost is a major factor in selecting a lender. Also, ask for specifics on the projects that the lenders specialize in and their willingness to meet in person to work on your loan. Having this information will help you to evaluate potential lenders and select one who can best meet your needs for your current project and possibly even as a long-term lending associate.

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