Crowdfunding: A New Era of Arizona Private Money Lenders?

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November 18, 2020
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Crowdfunding: A New Era of Arizona Private Money Lenders?

The concepts of crowdfunding have been around for a long, long time. Printing presses, credit unions, governments, bonds, religions leading up to GoFundMe, blockchain, Uber, Airbnb, etc. . . . With the internet overwhelming the four corners of the earth, crowdfunding has risen to a global stage, a stage that entices many to invest, fund, or support the efforts of others. Curiously enough, crowdfunding has even seeped into real estate investment acting in virtue of a horde of micro Arizona Private Money Lenders.

Crowdfunding, or gathering small amounts of money from large groups of people in order to achieve a purpose has been going on for a very long time. In the past say 1439, after the beginning of the printing press, when paper, materials, ink, and machinery were more expensive, writing was still expensive despite innovation. Becoming a writer alone usually required someone of great monetary means whose patronage could support an individual of literary talent. However, to acquire more business, many writers employed methods of subscription to fund further literary works. With enough written confirmation of individuals willing to buy the book, publishers would feel comfortable undertaking the risk of printing.

Aside from writers and printers, religions, charitable organizations, credit unions, and even bonds have implemented crowd funding principles. However, after the advent of the internet and the spread of personal computers, crowdfunding evolved taking the nation and the world by surprise. Napster in 1999, for example was an early attempt. eBay, soon followed along with Airbnb, Cryptocurrency, Uber, Spotify, Citi Bike, and a myriad of mobile scooters paying individuals up to $20 per to charge each unit. Crowdfunding and its principles are wide-reaching, theoretically founding or funding many successful companies.

Some are interested in crowdfunding for its ability to help those in need, offer unique services to many people, or build economic infrastructure in third-world countries. Others enjoy these benefits but are also able to harness crowdfunding to create, build, and secure returns.

Micro or Macro?—The Future Source of Arizona Private Money Lenders

The possibilities of crowd funding are unforeseeable and promising. Instead of gathering the funds of one huge entity, it allows companies to harness the power of many Arizona Private Money Lenders. E pluribus unum. Micro Arizona Private Money Lenders continue to move mountains with the widow’s mite. Surreal.

Will conventional hard and Arizona Private Money Lenders be affected by crowdfunding? Stay tuned . . .

There are now over 75 crowdfunding real estate entities in the US. Many ponder the implications of crowdfunding entering into the real estate industry and the effects it will have on hard and Arizona Private Money Lender. Only time will tell how crowdfunding will work out, whether or not legal mandates will push it out of the lending sector or will allow it to remain.

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