7 Tips to Find Wholesale Properties to Acquire Funds to Invest with Hard Money Lenders

October 10, 2020
October 11, 2020

7 Tips to Find Wholesale Properties to Acquire Funds to Invest with Hard Money Lenders

Finding wholesale properties is a doorway for many into real estate investing. Though it is a trade that takes some time to learn and get used to, it is a great segway into learning the basics of a trade and establishing a basis of networking. Wholesaling helps many acquire the funds to secure financing from hard money lenders.

Call real estate advertisements on billboards or posters and ask for deals that they are not willing to take. Should they accept, these individuals will forward sales opportunities to you in large quantities. Though they may not be the cream of the crop, they offer a potential sell. Mill through enough bad ones, and you just might find the diamond in the rough, meaning a possible couple grand in your pocket.

Craig’s List ads. Check out the site. Though it may be lacking in digital opulence, it is still a hotspot for modern commerce in many industries. Look through the ads, and find properties that look distressed or in need of a fix up. Who knows, you may be able to make a low-ball offer and score a deal that can wholesale to other investors. Rent ads. Who is renting out property in your area? Maybe they are tired of dealing with difficult tenets, finding new tenets, repairing, or driving long hours to repair or manage. Sometimes you might just be the saving right hand of God, full of cash and brokering a deal with investors willing to pay money to renovate.

Pre-Foreclosures. Sometimes, people may be destined to an ill-fated end. However, setting them up with real estate investors eager to purchase their property, may just save the day for them and fill your pocket with some jingle-jangle.

Wholesale to Later Invest with Hard Money Lenders

Owners behind on utility bills. Maybe these individuals are in over their heads. Difficulties in life may make them more favorable to a cash offer on a promising bit of flip property. The only way to find out is to research those who are behind and to make an offer. Vacant and/or boarded up houses. If no one is in the house, someone is paying property tax. Help others out of a property bind by offering cash for uninhabited houses. This may be an opportune way to get a great deal.

Hard money lenders like Level 4 Funding are here to help you get into the real estate business.

Networking and driving for dollars. Keep talking to your network and driving around town looking for any of the prior property types. Eventually, the right deal with appear offering you a way to acquire a profit. With increased profit and increased sales, finding loans form hard money lenders. Becomes a greater possibility. Hard money lenders like Level 4 Funding are here to help you get into the real estate business. Start small, raise money to invest, and find the hard money lenders that are right for you.

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