Three Benefits of Hard Money Loans

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October 1, 2020
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October 1, 2020

Three Benefits of Hard Money Loans

Arizona Hard Money Loans are a great financing tool when used correctly. Understanding the loans benefits can help you to begin a very successful real estate investment career.

Arizona Hard Money Loans offer many benefits to borrowers and real estate investors. That is why seasoned professionals use these loans on a regular basis to purchase commercial properties, rental properties and fix and flips. But the novice investor needs to be educated to avoid misuse of these types of loans which can result in a financial disaster. Understanding the benefits will also help new users understand the best ways to uses hard money loans.

The speed of hard money is one of its greatest benefits. Not only is the application process much less complex than that of a traditional loan, but the approval and funding stages are also more expedient. This allows real estate investors to make an offer on a great property and know that they can close quickly and secure the property before another buyer comes along and starts a bidding war. This fast turnaround is certainly good but it comes at a higher interest rate than traditional loans. So smart borrowers know that hard money is best suited for fast projects. The application and approval are fast, the project is short-term and the higher interest rate is paid for only a short time so the loan is still rather affordable.

Part of the reason for the faster processing of hard money is that the qualifications are different than a traditional loan. Hard money is also called asset-based because the loan is secured with collateral rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness. This makes it much easier for the lender to evaluate the property and determine if he or she will fund the loan. This qualification system makes it much easier for a person with low credit to secure a loan as well.

Flexibility Is Important

Hard money is offered by private lenders which makes these loans great for anyone who is looking to finance a rather unusual project. Most banks are not willing to finance fix and flip projects due to the risk as well as the short term of the loan. Private lenders can also be more open to funding a loan on a property that is in very poor condition as they can evaluate the potential of the property when the renovations are completed. A traditional lender is not willing to take that chance on a loan.

Understand Hard Money’s Purpose

Understanding that Arizona Hard Money Loans are designed for short-term projects and projects that are not going to fit into traditional lenders standards is critical to using the loans correctly. The higher cost is not really as big a deterrent as some borrowers might believe. Paying a little bit more is always better than not getting funded at all and missing out on an opportunity. Borrowers simply need to read the loan agreement completely and understand all of the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing it.

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