6 Reasons Why You Should Get An Arizona Bridge Loan

Your Guide on How to Obtain Arizona Rental Property Loans
October 3, 2020
October 3, 2020

6 Reasons Why You Should Get An Arizona Bridge Loan

Conventional lending may be the GOLIATH of loans. While secure, grandiose, and abundant in low rates, it is also SLOW. Don’t let the banks stop you. Get the financing you need, FAST, with An Arizona Bridge Loan through Level 4 Funding.

When conventional lenders say “no,” An Arizona Bridge Loan meets temporary financing needs, provides needed capital, and sets plans into motion. “No” does not mean no, it means “not yet.” Don’t let the banks and their tedious stipulations bully you. Apply today and see if you qualify for An Arizona Bridge Loan through your hard money broker at Level 4 Funding.

The reasons for acquiring An Arizona Bridge Loan are legion:

1. Move into new home before selling the old one: Many times, for those interested in residential property, selling and buying homes can be a difficult process. Selling a home, especially, can be a long, tedious, and cash consuming process. An Arizona Bridge Loan eases this, allotting individuals the financial support they need to purchase and move into the new home of their choice before their old home even sells.

2. Refinancing: Tired? Over encumbered? Overburdened by too many loans. Escape the riptide of financial burden. Refinance, consolidate, and build credit.

3. Remodel or refurbish: Is your property looking a little shabby? Increase the value of your property by refurbishing. Bridge loans have helped borrowers improve the value of their homes.

4. Use asset to buy new assets: No cash down? No problem. Use assets to acquire more assets.

5. Acquire real estate: Conventional lending may be the GOLIATH of loans. While secure, grandiose, and abundant in low rates, it is also slow. However, in real estate investment, fast is often needed. The nimble and quick-witted reap the benefits of distressed, wholesale, short-sale, and foreclosed properties. Where banking takes months to finance, a hard money bridge loan secures acquisitions, investments, profits—fast.

6. Finance initial construction: So, you want a loan on a lot of land. Too bad, the bank says no. The bank does not like lending on lots. No worries. You happen to know a hard money broker at Level 4 Funding. You can get the financial backing you need to acquire a lot of land and perhaps even the funding to finance all or a needed portion of your building ventures.

Don’t Except “No” for an Answer from the Banks: You Can Get An Arizona Bridge Loan

If you fall into any of these categories and are interested in An Arizona Bridge Loan, get a quote today at Level 4 Funding. Find the financing you need until conventional lending comes around.

Get An Arizona Bridge Loan today through Level 4 Funding

Though rates and terms vary per borrower, these are the general range of potential stipulations to be expected: Up to 90% LTV may be available. Typically, An Arizona Bridge Loan will span a term of 3 to 24 months. Bridge loans are interest only loans. Minimum rate of 7.99% APR

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