Arizona Fix and Flip Loans: Hard Money v. Conventional Loans

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October 19, 2020
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October 21, 2020

Arizona Fix and Flip Loans: Hard Money v. Conventional Loans

Looking for money? Are you eligible to receive a conventional Arizona fix and flip loan?

Though difficult to acquire for many flippers, mortgage loans present opportunity for borrowers possessing the following:

· High credit scores: Creditworthiness is a big indicator for conventional banks. They will want to see a borrower’s track record in regard to Arizona fix and flip loans. Has the borrower payed bills well in the past? Has the borrower had any delinquencies such as missed payments? Have there been any foreclosures or repossessions? Essentially, to the banks, credit history indicates the risk of loaning.

· Favorable debt-to-income ratios: This is the total debt figure divided by income. Banks use this ratio to calculate if a potential borrower is able to make payments, especially after adding any requested loans. Max debt-to-income ratio for conventional banks tends to hover between 40%-50%.

· Considerable or significant assets: Collateral is another crucial factor for receiving a conventional loan. What types of assets, general property or equity in property, does the borrower possess? Is the proposed collateral enough to buffer the lender in the unforeseen event of foreclosure?

· Completed jobs: Conventional lenders look for a history of profit, repayment, and success as good omens. What is the borrower’s track record? Has the borrower been able to repay previous flipping debts?

If the borrower has a favorable history in many of these areas, he or she is more likely to receive funding for Arizona fix and flip loans. The upside to receiving a traditional home loan is, for one, a very low interest rate, some of the lowest. On top of this, the loan-to-value (LTV) can reach up to 80%. On the downside, conventional Arizona fix and flip loans may not be a great choice for individuals who are new to the fix and flip market and thus have a limited amount of completed flips.

Do to the drawn-out nature of submitting and reviewing credit applications, typically taking months to complete, conventional lending presents complications for those looking to bid on wholesale, foreclosed, or short-sell property, which may need a quicker source of financing to acquire. Finally, the challenge of acquiring distressed or hazardous property—conventional lenders are typically interested in property that can be lived in. If there is neglect, structural issues, or other issues that prevent this, the bank is likely to withhold funding.

Rotten Credit? Hard Money Arizona fix and flip loans May Be an Alternative

Though many potential borrowers do not fit the rigorous credit archetype delineated by conventional lenders, there are still other options. Arizona Hard Money Lenders have formed a safe haven for entrepreneurs possessing a rocky credit history, limited experience, or limited assets. They have also provided opportune funding for those looking to purchase property quickly.

Bad credit, limited experience, or few assets?

Hard money Arizona fix and flip loans may be right for you.

Need help flipping a home? To receive more information regarding hard money lending, talk to a hard money broker today at Setabay.

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