Texas Fix and Flip Loans: Properties You Should Never Finance

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September 5, 2020
September 7, 2020

Texas Fix and Flip Loans: Properties You Should Never Finance

Don’t get overexcited if you spot an online listing you’d like to flip and the profit projections look great on paper. There are specific properties that might never qualify for Texas Fix and Flip Loans, and even if they are eligible, there are certain deals you should avoid.

When it comes to flips, you want properties that will qualify for financing that is unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands stuffed under your mattress, and above all, you want properties that will sell and sell quickly.

If you can’t flip a house within a few months, you could be on the hook for a massive balloon payment, so first, let us talk about homes that don’t sell or even if they do sell they sell at a steep discount.

Properties you shouldn’t take Texas Fix and Flip Loans out for, because they don’t sell:

Houses in high crime areas: Most buyers might want to take Fido for a walk after their evening meal. Before purchasing a house to flip, drive to the neighborhood in the late evening and ask yourself “Would I feel comfortable walking around here after dark?” If the answer is no, it’s a deal you should avoid.

Houses in high noise areas: Buyers have alarm clocks for a reason. No one wants to be roused from sound slumber by a blaring cargo train, the horn of a semi, or the roar of an approaching jet, so avoid flipping homes in high noise areas.

Even though these houses are bad deals, you’d likely still be able to get a loan for them. But there are some houses that you shouldn’t bother with because most lenders avoid them like the plague.

Don’t risk applying for fix and lip loans on the following:

Houses with a history of meth manufacture: If Walter White previously inhabited your home, lenders aren’t going to touch it. The cost of environmental remediation is not an expense lenders want to cover.

Houses with extensive mold or fire damage: In any flip, you might expect some damage, but if the cost of resolving the issue exceeds a couple thousand dollars, this is an expense most lenders don’t want to cover.

Houses with severe roof or foundation issues: Re-pouring a foundation or putting a new roof on would be a considerable expense that you will need to take care of before you can even begin any rehab work. Most lenders aren’t interested in taking on such a cost.

Houses that have been pillaged: In the rehab business, you can’t expect properties to be in mint condition. However, if you notice that someone has a stripped a house of its wiring and copper pipes, most lenders won’t consider the cost of fixing the property to be worthwhile.

Notice that in the above cases, you could pay for these costs yourself, and you might still be able to get a loan. You could flip a house in a high crime area, next to the airport, or that has been used to make meth. Yes, you could flip such houses, but do you want to?

If a flip has any of the above issues, you should move on. Trust that there is a better deal out there.

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