Red Flags To Beware Of With Arizona Commercial Hard Money Lenders
August 31, 2020
September 2, 2020


You’ve probably heard the term “hard money lender.” But, what do they do? When do you need one?

Situations will arise when you just need cash quickly. There are situations when borrowers don’t qualify with traditional lenders such as a bank. Let’s say you want to purchase a house in a relatively short amount of time— in this case speed of execution is key in securing the property. Banks, and all traditional lending institutions, want some type of security to assure you will pay the loan bank. They will check your credit history, your payment history, your income and income tax returns. This gives them a personal guarantee they will be repaid in full.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders, on the other hand, are what is referred to as an asset based lender. What this means is that they care more about the actual property that the borrower is using as an asset than they do your credit history, payment history, income and tax returns.


There are many forms when it comes to hard money. Factors are when someone loans the borrower money against the receivables of your business. This is one way a business owner can use assets for their business’s operational costs.

Another form is the traditional hard money lender. The traditional form is when the lender is concerned with the property— whether it be a single-family home or a strip mall. It is whatever property the borrower is planning on improving.

All in all, Arizona Hard Money Lenders are concerned with the quality of the asset the borrower is using to secure the loan. A hard money lender uses property as collateral. What this means is in the case of default the property is legally taken over by the lender—who in turn, can sell the property to regain the money lost via the loan.

It is wise to choose a lender that is located in your geographic region, as Arizona Hard Money Lenders like to be able to kick the dirt on which they lend. You can find a lender in local newspapers or a simple google search. Google “asset based lenders” or “Arizona Hard Money Lenders.” You can also search “private money lenders” to find one. Also, make sure you allow google to search your location to find the lenders in your area.

There are many times a borrower will find themself in a pinch and in need of fast cash.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders typical pre-approve within minutes and secure the approval within 24-48 hours. Funds are readily available in less than two weeks. Terms and conditions vary between lenders, as they are not required to conform to traditional lending institutions strict regulations. Therefore, rates and terms can be worked out between lenders and borrowers.

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