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September 18, 2020
Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans in Arizona
September 19, 2020


Unfortunately, due to recent consumer protection legislation, lending on Arizona owner occupied properties has becoming a frowned upon phrase in the private lending world.

However, there are ways to get an owner occupied private money loan where the borrower and lender can make a profit. Dodd-Frank is a bill—and out of this bill came how mortgages are to be handled by lenders. During time this bill was enacted the market was crazy and something needed to be done. But, many impacts of this legislation have been difficult for Arizona Hard Money Lenders and borrowers needing private money. Because of this legislation it has been a little tricky to get owner occupied loans done.


Let’s start with what exactly is an owner occupied property and why is this such an obstacle? An owner occupied property is exactly what is says it is—a piece of property that the owner resides in. The government passed many consumer protection laws which were meant to protect the homeowner. That is good for the homeowner, but the result of this legislation created difficulties for lenders. No mortgage lenders are happy with this legislation.

The laws have to do with waiting periods and how the borrower must prove they can repay the loan based on their debt service ratio and so on. Arizona Hard Money Lenders are simple—they look at the property and base the loan amount on the value of the property. Easy peasy. However, all these new regulations make some Arizona Hard Money Lenders nervous. Arizona Hard Money Lenders aren’t lenders that care how much a borrower makes.

Thank goodness there is a caveat to this ordeal! There is an exception to the rule where Arizona Hard Money Lenders are still able to lend on owner occupied properties if 51% or more of the property is for business purposes. There are ways the lender and borrower can validate and prove that, as the laws require. As long as the numbers work, the loan can work. But, what does business purpose mean? It means that the money being pulled out of the property is for the use of the business. In general, if the borrower has a business and is filing business tax returns—and the borrower can prove that the money being pulled from the property is for the business, then that will be a loan considered for a business. The borrower will have to sign a business purpose affidavit. This affidavit states that this loan is for business purposes.

How does the math work on these loans? Let’s say you have a house that is worth $300,000. You want a loan for business purposes and the house is free and clear— the lender can lend 60%—you will receive a loan for $180,000 for business purposes.

Getting an owner occupied loan is trickier than in years past, but can still happen. This article was just a sneak peak into what Arizona Hard Money Lenders can do to get you an owner occupied loan. For more information, please contact us at level4funding.com.

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