Top 6 Arizona Hard Money Loans

Residential Hard Money Lenders in Arizona
September 29, 2020
How Do Arizona Hard Money Lenders Determine Points and Rates?
September 30, 2020

Top 6 Arizona Hard Money Loans

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Opposed to conventional or institutional lending sources, hard money originates from private investors. These private investors pool hard money funds intended to be lent out above the average market interest rate in order to finance business ventures, asset acquisitions, or residential needs. Hard money is found by consulting either a private money lender directly, or a hard money broker. Comparing loan types, terms, and rates from a variety of lenders, hard money brokers help clients find the right type of financing. Though hard money loans vary, here are some of the most common loan types available.

Business Loans:

· Commercial loans: Frequently, businesses need more, more land, equipment, or inventory to meet demand. Arizona Hard Money Loans can help. Other reasons for acquiring commercial Arizona Hard Money Loans include bad credit, lack of credit, foreclosure, market shift, economic downturn, bankruptcy, or debt consolidation. Whether growing or maintaining investments, Arizona Hard Money Loans offer help, progress, and return.

· Arizona Cannabis Business Loans: Navigating the promising and perilous opportunity of legal cannabis? Need some cash to get your business up and running? Hard money is probably your best bet since institutional lending is on the sidelines. Get cash to start an agricultural, medicinal, clinical, or commercial business. Find the right property to grow your business. While institutional money is on the sidelines, small business is poised to gain.

Residential Loans:

· Owner occupied loans: Sometimes, when you already have a mortgage, it is difficult to get further financing from the banks. This is discouraging for individuals who just need a little money to renovate their home, bump the value of their residence a bit. Arizona Hard Money Lenders are able to lend money to residential home owners who need a helping hand.

Real Estate Investing Arizona Hard Money Loans

Real Estate Investment Loans:

· Fix and flip loans: Fix and flip loans help real estate investors acquire, renovate, and sell property. Distressed property is king, since it’s below average market value and offers greater potential returns. However, banks frown upon distressed properties, so hard money lending is typically preferred for fix and flip investors. Arizona Hard Money Loan help fix and flip investors step-by-step with financing until the property is refurbished and valued at average market value.

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· Renovate and rent loans: Wait, you can retire on rental properties? Sure! Save money, invest in property using your savings coped with Arizona Hard Money Loans. Buy distressed property, fix it up, and lease it out at a comfortable rate. Pay off your loan in a short period and have pure cash flow. Repeat. Retire with long-term cash flow from long-term rentals.

· Spec home loans: Are you tired of beating the bushes for distressed property? Build a spec home and secure returns with Arizona Hard Money Loans. Arizona Hard Money Lenders allow you to acquire land, build property, and sell homes for a pretty penny.

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