Hard Money Facts: What Your LTV Percentage Means

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August 24, 2020
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August 24, 2020

Hard Money Facts: What Your LTV Percentage Means

If you’re taking out a Colorado Hard Money Loan you’ll want to understand the LTV and what the percentage attached to your loan means. Here’s a quick rundown to get you in the know.

When you research Colorado Hard Money Loans you’re going to see numbers like 70% LTV and 80% LTV. What does this mean for you as a borrower?

If you’re investing in property the loan amount is going to be weighed against the purchase price and the value of the property. The LTV is the loan to value, meaning the amount of the loan divided by the assessed value of the property.

Another important term to know is ARV. This is the approximate retail value, the amount the lender estimates the property to be worth after it has been improved.

Understanding Your LTV Percentage

Now that you know the key terms you’re going to see lenders offer 70% LTV, 80% LTV, and some, like Level 4 Funding, offering 90% LTV Colorado Hard Money Loans. If you’re purchasing a $200,000 house and want a 90% LTV Colorado Hard Money Loan you’ll be asking to borrow $180,000.

Borrowing more can be riskier, but if you can’t put up more than 10% of the purchase price then a 90% Colorado Hard Money Loan may be the way to go!

How LTV Affects Your Loan

Another thing to consider is the higher the LTV, the higher the interest rates and points. These will vary from lender to lender, but the LTV and percentage rates will climb in tandem. If you can afford to use a lower LTV loan you’ll be paying less over the long run, saving yourself more money for investments.

Getting Your Loan Approved

Once you’ve picked a Colorado hard money lender you’ll have to explain how you’re going to put their money to work. A complete plan of how you’re going to pay the loan back will include your plans for improving the property in order to pay off the loan.

For more questions about calculating your LTV or to discuss being approved for a Colorado Hard Money Loan, call Level 4 Funding today!

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