Arizona Hard Money Loans: A Different Approach to Funding
August 18, 2020
Who Are Arizona Private Money Lenders?
August 20, 2020


Read this article to find a hard money lender in Arizona and how to make sure your loan gets funded.

When it comes to Texas Hard Money Lenders many people don’t really know what they are. They have been stereotyped as loan sharks trying to take your money, but in reality this couldn’t be more false. Texas Hard Money Lenders are simply private investors that want to work with you and make money with you.

Finding a hard money lender can sometimes be difficult—especially because Texas Hard Money Lenders vary just as much as borrowers vary. Stay away from anyone trying to make money off of you buy selling you a list of Texas Hard Money Lenders. It is simple—google: hard money lender in Arizona. Yes, it’s that simple.


First, make sure you have a deal. When you speak to a hard money lender, they can’t approve funds for a property that isn’t there. If you aren’t sure if a deal is good enough for a hard money lender to invest in there are resources on the web that can give you that information.

Once you find a property, make sure that you are organized. There are steps to be taken when trying to obtain funding for your deal—be professional. Create a presentation that includes pictures, a business plan, your experience and goals and prepare a document with all the expenses that will be necessary.

Texas Hard Money Lenders want to see that you are willing to take as much of a risk as they are. Although, lenders may finance 100% of the deal, be prepared to put some type of a down payment. If you don’t have the money to do this yourself come to the table with some potential ideas where that money could come from. Maybe a silent investor or a partner would be willing to help with the down payment. If you can’t think of anyone that could help fund the down payment, maybe you will be the one to do the repairs yourself. Therefore, the cost of hiring someone can be deducted from the original loan amount— be creative and think outside the box. Lenders just want to see that you are willing to work hard, and you have passion about your project.

Make sure that you communicate with your lender. If they ask for a document—make sure you are on top of it and that document is sent asap. If they call, answer the phone or call them back the minute you can. Don’t put them off. Be responsible and make sure your lender is comfortable with you and trusts you—remember this is their money they are risking. Make sure you follow through with your project as planned. This will help you when you need to take out another loan.

Texas Hard Money Lenders are individuals that are literally loaning you their own money.

Texas Hard Money Lenders need to see that you are professional, organized and have some skin in the game. Finding a hard money lender that you work well with is priceless—meaning you can make deal after deal after deal and have an investor that will fund you—which in turn means making a whole lot of money.

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