What You Need to Know About Arizona Hard Money Loans

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What You Need to Know About Arizona Hard Money Loans

Knowing that Arizona Hard Money Loans are privately funded loans is a good start. But you need to also know the terms of these loans to use them successfully.

If you are researching Arizona Hard Money Loans, then you most likely know that these are short-term loans that are offered by private lenders. But that is only the beginning of the information that you need to know to fully evaluate these loans and determine if hard money is the best option to meet your financing needs. These terms of these loans are quite different than those of traditional loans as are some of the costs and fees associated with hard money.

The first factor to consider is how much money you can actually borrow on a specific property. In most cases, lenders will consider loaning between 70-80% of the value of the property. This loan to value number is important to the lender because it represents instant equity in the property and added security to the lender. If you, the borrower, default on the loan then the lender can take possession of the property knowing that it is worth at least the balance of your loan and in most cases more. On the upside is the fact that this money can often be in your hands in as little as a week or two when working with a hard money lender, rather than the 45 to 60 days that it takes a bank to fund a loan.

Knowing how much you can get and how quickly you can get it leaves one more big question. You should understand that hard money is going to cost you more than a traditional loan. The interest rate is going to start at about 7% for a strong deal and a borrower with good credit. For more risky deals and credit challenged borrowers, the rate can increase to as much as 15%. In addition, most lenders will charge anywhere from two points on a simple loan to ten points on a more challenging Arizona Hard Money Loans.

Qualifications and Documents

Although the criteria for hard money is not as stringent as a traditional loan, there is a certain amount of information that you will need to prepare for the lender. A few personal bank statements will be required as well as a credit score of 550 or better. The higher your score the better your loan terms and rates will be in most cases. You should also provide a copy of the purchase contract, a contractor bid with the scope of work, a list of your past projects and other basic information about the project that will show its value and the potential of the renovated property. You will also need to have the down payment available as well as any fees and upfront costs associated with the loan.

The Hard Money Alternative

Arizona Hard Money Loans are a good alternative resource for many borrowers who are credit challenged or might be making several concurrent purchased as real estate investment properties. But as with any other tool, the user must have a full understanding of the function and benefit of the tool. Be certain that you carefully read and understand all of the terms of any loan offers. This information will allow you to make a well-informed selection for the loan that best meets your needs.

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